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    Anyone else thinking Passion sounds way better then Sanctuary?

    I think I like it more once I see the opening video with it...
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    Anyone else thinking Passion sounds way better then Sanctuary?

    Utada was excellent with the Simple and Clean/Hikari. That was because they didn't try to force her english singing with the orginal song and beat. They gave Simple and Clean its own beat and lyrics to match her english voice(hell even the english language). I'm afraid they cheaped out on...
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    Does Anyone Like "Simple and Clean" Better then "Sanctuary"?

    Simple and Clean is passion is are equals in my book.... they should have done more then make Utida sing over a japanese voice and add english lyrics for Sanctuary....
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    Sora vs. Roxas no drive forms who would win?

    roxas suxs. If the universe needed to be saved by Roxas, then the universe would be devoured by the darkness, in like 10minutes.
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    unknown revealed to Sora

    Naw its the fake ansem shell, you know the Ansem that Sora thought he killed...
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    Roxas vs. King Mickey

    O plz Mickey has more light in 1 finger then Roxas light and dark abilities combined.
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    Axel, Neo war, Keyblade**spoilers**

    Man... AXEL IS A MONSTER. You seen him pawn. I bet you don't have to do anything with him in yout party.
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    Riku vs Roxas

    Riku pawned him in one hit.... thats says alot about how much Riku owns and how much Roxas isn't anything to get excited about.
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    Ansem verus Roxas. Who would win?

    Roxas will get pawned, he isn't that great by no means. HE GOT PAWNED BY RIKU. Yeah ONE HIT KNOCK OUT!!!
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    Any one see what I see?

    Every time Roxas wants to use the keyblade he needs a median. Like a stick, or a club. Anyone willing to explain.
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    The defiantion of a Shell

    I believe that you can't really call BHk a shell. Since Bhk falls to much in the "exception range". Like Ansem. Losing his body to the darkness but not becoming a heartless. (well one of the ansemss is just a heart^_^) Roxas is also like Ansem since he is basicly doing the impossible, wielding a...
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    has anyone considered this theory?

    omg, unless you give me a link, that has an actually quoete from the game, from a non forum based site... that is the ONLY way I believe that a guy who wields TWO keyblades has no heart. Until then plz stop spamming these n00by posts about Roxas being a shell.
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    has anyone considered this theory?

    Roxas has a heart since he can wield not one but 2 keyblades. You need a heart to wield a keyblade same with sora. And if you don't believe so then you might as well think that everyone in the org has a keyblade.
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    Xehanort an unknown

    Again little n00b posts stupid ass theory.
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    A Question Of Shells (HUGE SPOILERS)

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    Xehanort an unknown

    You little n00b, I will let you continue being a n00b for the sake of your n00b pride. Your wrong for several reasons, but that is the magic of being a n00b you can't possible know why. Oh and I have flamed a million n00bs like you, so don't think your special, there are a billion people that...
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    Xehanort an unknown

    and there is something that just won't happen, for example people wielding keyblades with no heart, and o yeah if you believe that people can wield keyblades with no heart then you might as well believe that mickey can be pawned by a leaf.
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    Xehanort an unknown

    Omg, Where Do You Have Proof That The Heart Can Seperate Into Fragments, And You Don't Wield 2 Badass Keyblades With A Fragment Of A Heart.
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    Xehanort an unknown

    I tried to be nice...
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    Xehanort an unknown

    .... ok, let me rephrase my statement. You don't wield a keyblade with the FRACTION OF ANYONES HEART, YOU DON"T WIELD 2 KEYBLADES WITH ONLY A FRACTION. And *calming down getting the heart medicine* YOU DON"T SAVE THE WORLD WITH PIECES OF YOURSELF MISSING!!!! There are no fraction, if one part...