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    Birth by sleep video MP4?

    Head to Youtube and pick the video you want. Copy the URL address and head to the site keepvids.com. Paste you URL in the field and you should be able to download a MP4 file of the video. (Works with any video)
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    Gotta get this outta mah head...

    Still find it hard to believe that Nomura would pull the cross - gender thing.
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    Secret Ending actual ending?

    It probably is towards the end because VAT has their armor and every scan of the game so far has had them sans armor. Plus remember that this was just a concept video, they're allowed to change it as they develope, so it might not be the same as what we saw.
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    Which keyblades should be in Days?

    From the looks of the one we've already seen (can't find the name, but was in a previous update) it looks like you have to choose you keyblade before the mission in the panel system. That might mean that once you use a keyblade panel, it could disappear until you get another one. (Hoping that's...
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    Why the long faces?

    Until the day Nomura say there will never be another kingdom hearts game involving any of the characters from KH1, we won't be able to truely understand the importance of each game. KH2 could be the game that sets up the biggest surprise twist that finally links together all the pieces and gives...
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    Next Nintendo Power - 358/2 Days Cover Story

    You can definitly buy it, but subscribers get the new subscriber's cover were they've removed all the... let's call it "spam"... from the front cover and leave you with just the cover image and the mag's logo. Definitly looks nicer than anything you can buy on the shelves. Also, let's hope that...
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    Gotta get this outta mah head...

    So Sora's brain was dumped into a girls body which then went on to become friends with the other side of his heart and join the guys that he would later destroy who were the bad guys but are really good and... an... a... Syntax Error. Logic Overload. Reboot and try again later.
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    An idea about Xion

    Xion is just a character placed there to move the story, nothing is explained about her and she has no significant relationship to any of the other characters. She is there to irritate us and make use think there is more to her than there really is. P.S - I'm kidding, could you imagine the...
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    Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    Get in line, your number is 95, thank you and have a good day :cool:
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    Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    I would now laugh too, then kick his butt for the 3rd time (Just stay down, Marluxia!)
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    Deleted scene?

    Chance is they made it way before they knew much of what they were going to do. they probably decided to chuck that in the development, so you've seen some pretty rare material if that's the case.
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    There is something I want to know

    If you take the red pill you will understand nothingness :cool: Don't think too hard about it, even if you understand it, it's not worth the time and won't make the game any more profound than it already is.
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    what happened to pete and malificent?

    Dudes, we could have minors looking at this, cut it out. They probably won because only a noob would be bested by something like a million or so shadows. (O.K, on second thought, maybe they did die)
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    Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    There's way to much we don't know to make a good guess on who that is, but since it mainly dealing with computer, I say it's a Ansem virus or something weird like that, any excuse to explain extra stuff for KHI
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    ur org. name

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    ur org. name

    Thikex Challange : Guess my real name!
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    After BBS?

    Ven - probably going to be hiding in Sora somewhere (bottom of left foot?) Terra - He's chilling out on Sunset Horizon and changed his name to Enigmatic Soldier! Aqua - will probably survive the longest of the three, but disappear to somewhere, whether it be her armor in Xemnas'...
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    Game that holds the key to the future

    As we know, Kingdom Hearts likes to give us a concept video to go with the next game in the lineup, KHI gave one for KHII and KHII gave us one for BBS. My question is which game do you think will give the "heads up" to the next game. I personally hope it's RE:COM because it's on a console...
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    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    Axel! He was the only one to make it out of there alive! the rest were terminated!
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    Two Halves Meet

    Does anyone think that there's a chance that Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless meet each other at one point. What do you think happened if they did. I think a massive battle where Xemnas tried to regain his heart, but failed by some surprising way. Also which game would you like to see this in...