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    Pieces from my Art Class

    I did these for my art class. I have more, I just want to hear your guys' opinion. My signature is also one of my pieces !
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    The Hunger Games roleplay?

    Anyone interested? It's this science fiction book by Suzanne Collins. Look it up on wikipedia if you're not familiar.
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    Insanity: Stories from a Shattered Soul [Registrations]

    _____________________________________________ Fading Lines: The Point Between Fantasy and Reality _____________________________________________ Shattered mirrors floating in an empty castle. Clouds of various palettes swirling together as a flower blossoms in the center of it. Taxi cabs...
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    AWAKENING - welcome to the nightmare "A looming gothic castle lies along the horizon of a grassy plateau, solely isolated amongst itself, far away from civilization. It is reminiscent of the classic castle, its rooftops guarded by petrified gargoyles and its windows sleek and vibrantly painted...
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    "Mushu" card?

    Oops. Honest mistake. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
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    "Mushu" card?

    No, 500 CP booster packs. Not MP. Card Points are needed in order to buy certain cards, and later on in the game, prices of different packs value the rarity of the certain pack.
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    "Mushu" card?

    The Mushu card is only obtained when you get your first copy from the Door to Rewards door using your Key to Rewards card, in the Hollow Bastion world. Yeah.
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    Invocation to an Amalgation

    This, being appropriately placed, is a roleplay. But what type of roleplay shall this be? From a medieval quest in pursuit of a sorcerous venture, to a dystopian futuristic wasteland where the common family is fitted with guns whose amount is not of modesty? Will there be seven pre-determined...
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    Let's make up a story for Namine...

    Grasp the concept of grammar. Got it memorized? I'm sure you do. :P DA is right, this should be in Forum Games/Insanity. Also, these types of games generally don't function unless its understandable, so elaborate when you say 'make up a story for Namine.' I can't really elaborate on my request...
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    Anyway, alot's happened during the summer in the Roleplaying Section, which is my predominant location when I go to the forums. I don't know.. everything that's happened seems to be degrading the section, making it even more dead as it is. There's been jests going round and around, and people...
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    : [incentive of incineration] : an open challenge

    [OOC] Non-continuum. No judges. Basic roleplaying and challenge rules apply. And before you go all 'OMGZ LIEK MANIFEST!!' on me, I have been toying with this concept for quite some time. And you all know how literate Absolution_Fear is... haha, I joke, but I am literate enough, I suppose. And...
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    Fanfiction ► divide and unite: the story of everyone

    chapter one: "just one more minute..." I'll never forget how Lilah Lyndons changed my life. As I turn to see her face next to mine, I never would've expected we'd be together like this. Out of billions of people in the entire world, Lilah had this way of making people smile. Whenever I'd see...
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    [heroes] //ARC ONE: initial reality

    The Collaborating Troupe of Idealists and Partners, Evarae D2L Nebula Zero and myself, as well as helpers, KHFanatic4565, in forces due to Zetsumi’s return, proudly present... The start of an epic. The jump into evolution. We present... [h e r o e s]: initial reality What is evolution? A...
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    Fanfiction ► Paranormal Investigations Division [NYPID 66-6]

    Well. It was meant to be a subtle joke. ;P Glad to see someone noticed it.
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    Fanfiction ► Paranormal Investigations Division [NYPID 66-6]

    Very promising. Your hooker makes me want to read more of this! I like the story and the characters. Keep it up! And don't stop posting chapters.
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    [Heroes] Collaboration Search!

    Okay, so here's the deal; I have a roleplay, based on the TV show 'Heroes'. It is inspired by the show as well as being a farewell tribute to Zetsumi's leave. I'm trying to organize everything together, but it'll be hard by myself. So; that's where you might possibly come in. You can be enlisted...
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    Invitation to Blood: A Beginner's Battle

    [ooc: Not a Continuum Battle. Which means.. if you die? You don't die really? Or does it have to be Continuum. Okay, I'm new at this, so help me out here! *waves arms* I really don't want it to be Continuum b/c this is my first battle. Invitation to anyone who wants to fight, a preferable 1vs1.]...
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    [crystal cocoon] : [terrestrial pulse]

    [storyline] "In this world, there are two continents that fluctuate in terms of power; Cocoon, a paradise city atop the sky that is fueled by crystals, and Pulse, the earthen continent that possesses no extraordinary traits except its use as a place where exiles of Cocoon take shelter. Cocoon...
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    Oblivion's powers

    I think he's talking about the castle floors morphing into different worlds. Those were the cards' doing, right?
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    Guide to the Cheat Weapons of Kingdom Hearts II

    [LINK!] Here's a better view of the Edge of Ultima and Detection Saber keyblades.