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    New Rumor on BHK's real name, his friends, and about Yuripa

    I got an e-mail saying the BHK's name is Roxas and it was confirmed
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    Donald and Goofy so useless

    I dont know about alot of the people here, but they were Very Useful to me. And they didn't waste items, personally i like there AI, it was great to me anyway. And for me they were useful in all the game, not just the end.
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    Sora in KH2 do you see a difference?

    heh, yeah i wonder how he'd act though, and yeah he does look different.
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    Will Jiminy cricket have a bigger role in KH2?

    I think he'll play a bigger role, but i really dont know how much bigger.
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    If you Could Chooe a Path

    I would chose Twilight, and like rikubaka said not just because riku is twilight. I just like the idea of being between light and dark. Using both powers....cool.
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    Reservations for the game

    I reserved the game in full like a year ago,but i finnaly got tired of waiting for it. So I decided to get the money back out of the reservation and use it on somthing else.
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    Placing a heart into a Nobody

    Using something similar to the keyblade ansem/riku had maybe.
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    The difficulty of Kingdom Hearts 2

    Yeah i want it to be hard, and i dont know if this true, but i heard the game Shinobi was really long.
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    sora and kairi (kh2)

    Maybe, but i really dont know. It would be cool though
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    2 disk layer for KH2

    Yeah, i dont realy think that will happen, but no offense
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    When KH2 come out what are you going to do?

    Well i probably wont come back, but it depends.
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    KH2 release date?

    I've heard many, Dec.2nd, Feb.2nd, Mar.10th, who knows when it'll be out.
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    What world u wanna live in

    I would probably live in Traverse town, then again maybe Hollow Bastion.
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    Lionking Keyblade

    I dont know maybe a staff like rafikis, lol
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    The best org. member so far

    For me its Diz
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    Rumored Worlds You Want

    Yeah that would be cool, but i would like to see end of the world, sword in the stone, Maybe Lilo and Stitch, and actually i wouldn't mind having a world for The Great Mouse Detective.
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    Timeless River Outfit?

    Yeah, i agree with sorixed on tht one.
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    Timeless River?

    Yeah did u know Walt Disney originally did Mickey's voice? Stemboat willie that was cool
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    I don't know why, but for some reason i can't use a different avatar. I'm using one thats just like all the others i've used but it won't work, and I even tryed using one that i've used before but it wont work. It keeps n saying "invalid File" Can anyone help me?
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    Difference Worlds KH1/KH2

    Yeah that would make sense, and cloudy card u have a point to.