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    what was the most annoying thing in kh and CoM?

    Oh the most annoying thing is Sora's Shoes...they were HUGE god i hated that
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    KH2 Theme Song?

    What do you think the Kingdom Hearts 2 Theme song should be? Personally i think it should be the song Until the End of Time By Misia
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    ok are you obessed about Rinoa or something
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    You know the guy that did Chaos' Voice is Xenosaga should do riku's voice
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    Kingsom Hearts theories

    Incest is when you...love your family members (nicest way i could say it) and i don't think ansem or seph is Riku's father
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    Voice Actors Suggestions?

    For the theme song they should use the song teddy bear from Ayumi Hamasaki
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    KH2 release period.

    I think they were talking about it being released in september
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    KH2 release period.

    well we know it's not comming out at the end of may and i don't think it would come out in dec (thought it be a good idea with teh christmas season and all) but yea
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    BHK and White Heartless related?

    It really doesn't look like a necklace it looks more like a zipper but its turned on its side so that could mean that hes against it or something
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    Dual-Wielder in DD/ASAS not actually BHK?

    lol right crazy video creating people lol
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    BHK & Namine

    thats the problem none of us really does wanna wait but i guess we have to...
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    Warped Memories?

    Its possible but i don't think it has much to do with memories but ok its a theory
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    BHK & Namine

    She could of just gave it to him so he would go search for sora...if indeed the shell theory is true then Namine might just have feelings for sora...and maybe she sent bhk to find him for her...and maybe he does have feelings for her...but still they might not have the same feelings as there host
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    Dual-Wielder in DD/ASAS not actually BHK?

    I don't think they made a E game with someone that would get high....
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    BHK & Namine

    o.o people still aren't sure if bhk and namine are shells of sora and kairi...but yes and probley no even thought they might be shells (if they are sora and kairi's shells) they might not have the same feelings that as their host (as in sora and kairi) but who knows?
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    Dual-Wielder in DD/ASAS not actually BHK?

    o.o well then if bum's theory is right then it was Sora talking to Namine but why would he do that...?
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    Kiaris new look

    thats the problem we don't wanna wait
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    Auron do you like his look

    and even if he did get younger they should at least give him his arm back
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    Which Character from ....will you want to see as a boss in KH2

    they should make kairi a boss see if sora has teh guts to kill her