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  1. LightUpTheSky452

    Dark Road ► The Last Dark Road Update, When?

    Is Dark Road still ending this last month like it was supposed to? Have we heard anything?
  2. LightUpTheSky452

    So, Apparently Kairi CHOSE For Her Heart to Go to Sora, Because She Sensed that ASOD Would Steal it Otherwise

    I got a KH Ultimania for my birthday yesterday (the one that's supposed to catch everyone up before KHIII), and there was some really interesting Kairi stuff there. Including this little nugget. And, I may be reading into this here... but I remember TV Tropes used to say that her kidnapping...
  3. LightUpTheSky452

    Why Kairi Isn't Useless - A Video Essay I Made

    Oh, man... I am so not confident in posting this here. Hahaha. But I made this because I feel like the hate for her has gotten a little out of hand lately (like, it's always been pretty bad. But lately I've seen a lot a lot of it... which is kind of weird in our year of radio silence). And I...
  4. LightUpTheSky452


    A thread that I'm making (inspired by the Kairi movement over on Tumblr) for anyone who wants to post any stories, videos, or art pertaining to Kairi here. This is in the hope that maybe together, we can make a big enough splash to get Square Enix's attention and let them know we want more of...
  5. LightUpTheSky452

    Amazing Fanmade KH Scenes Created Via Masking with Sony Vegas

    So... I'm really bored, KH community. Not that the most recent II.8 trailer we got wasn't hype-inducing. And not that I'm not looking forward to what we may learn from Unchained Key soon-ish. But tbh, it seems like it's going to be a little while until this news drought ends. So in the mean...
  6. LightUpTheSky452

    Fanfiction ► One of Light's Twelve Shots of Summer - A Retelling of "The Phantom of the Opera"

    Author’s Note: Okay, some explanations about this story before you guys begin reading it. This is my own retelling of “The Phantom of the Opera” Gaston Leroux novel. I started this in being inspired by so many talented people doing their own version of this story lately. Though honestly...
  7. LightUpTheSky452

    A Thread to Detail Your Feelings as Kingdom Hearts X Comes to a Close

    As the forum title says, I'm posting this for anyone who wants to vent their feelings about X, without spamming the walkthrough thread (this can also be used for a countdown to the ending thing, maybe). I also was thinking this could be where we post the eventual spoilers when they do come, but...
  8. LightUpTheSky452

    0.2 to Contradict 0.5?

    Not that it really matters much in the grand scheme of things, but I thought of this when I was unable to sleep last night: Okay, so you know how the Secret Episode in BbSFM happens at 0.5? And in that episode, Aqua sees the worlds falling into the darkness for the first time, Castle of Dreams...
  9. LightUpTheSky452

    Kingdom Hearts Fan Designs That Seemed to Predict a Lot of Chi's Clothes

    Since we've all been having so much fun in the "New looks for everybody?" thread, I thought I'd try and continue some clothes discussions here. But instead of what that forum page was aiming for, this thread's dedicated to any fan designs for characters you've seen that remind you guys of...
  10. LightUpTheSky452

    News ► Disney to Air All Disney Channel Original Movies in Honor of the Upcoming 100th One

    https://ohmy.disney.com/tv/2016/04/20/disney-channel-to-air-all-100-original-movies-and-we-have-the-full-schedule/ As the title says, Disney channel's 100th DCOM comes out this Friday, I guess, and to raise the hype for that they're going to replay all of the other movies they've done. ...Or...
  11. LightUpTheSky452

    Any News on the Yen Press KH Manga and Novel Translations?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic, but I'm really curious about what's happening with the final KHII manga translation as well as the next novel that should be coming out. LOL.
  12. LightUpTheSky452

    Kingdom Hearts III Ending

    I feel like I missed a lot of threads about this, so I apologize if I'm just covering old ground here. And I would've added this to Anagram's similar thread, but it looks like you can't reply to it anymore? Anyway, I'm making this because I think I just realized the only way KHIII can end--and...
  13. LightUpTheSky452

    Do You Guys Think SE's Doing Secret KH Projects?

    Because I have to be honest... After seeing how SE kept the FFVII Remake under wraps--and the FFXV CG movie, as well as the anime--I wouldn't put it past them anymore. Perhaps some secret anime or movie is even what Steve Burton, Jim Cummings, and Bill Farmer have all recorded for...
  14. LightUpTheSky452

    Comics ► Fantomestein - A Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein Crossover

    Has anyone here read "Fantomestein" on Tumblr at all? I've become quite obsessed with it, personally. It's a crossover between "The Phantom of the Opera" (the novel) and "Frankenstein" (the novel), based on the idea that the monster goes off to become the notorious "Opera Ghost, after the end...
  15. LightUpTheSky452

    Soraalm1's New Video on Entitled Kingdom Hearts Fans

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LB3DKa5Glg Anyone seen this yet? I think it's bloody fantastic, and things that we have been saying here for a long time^_^ Honestly, this video is such a breath of fresh air to me, and I hope that it will open some people's eyes--and stop them from being...
  16. LightUpTheSky452

    Sora's Notes He Writes in the Journal in the Japanese Version of KHII

    So, in the Japanese version of KHII (as I'm sure you all know), "Sora" actually writes little notes in the Journal--that have Nomura's handwriting to them--and I'm wondering if anyone's ever translated them? And if not, does anyone here maybe want to, or have the ability to do so? (No pressure...
  17. LightUpTheSky452

    Film ► The Magic Tree House Movies

    http://www.ew.com/article/2016/02/04/lionsgate-magic-tree-house So, is anyone else excited about this? I'm pretty psyched, actually, as I loved these books as a kid. In fact, they're the first books that I ever read by myself for fun, I think, and also what got me into reading in the first...
  18. LightUpTheSky452

    A Cost and Reward System in KHIII

    The folks on Kingdom Hearts Union were discussing this idea on one of their podcasts many years ago, and thinking about Bravely Second made me remember it again. Because apparently in Bravely Second, unlike the fist game, you actually can't get all of the possible jobs that the game has to...
  19. LightUpTheSky452

    The Hotel Manager from Traverse Town

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Giga9RmmrT8 (8:09 of this video), and also this parody: Bustin' Up on the Beach | When I played the first Kingdom Hearts for the... ...Can we have this character come back for KHIII, pretty please? I didn't even know he/she existed until three days ago, and...
  20. LightUpTheSky452

    Who Should Hades Sucker Into Helping Him in KHIII?

    I saw a similar idea being discussed on TV Tropes, so I thought I'd bring it over here. Mainly because it seems to be an unspoken rule for every main KH game, that Hades is manipulating some new Final Fantasy character into helping him. So who would you guys like it to be?:) For myself, I've...