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    because you touch yourself at night... jk nobody really knows.
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    Mf theory

    but there is time travel remember timeless river is a world in the past.
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    Mf theory

    almost every game has a secret boss that has a big role in the next main game. Also I think hes xehanort because of the weapons and on what has been said about nobodies and heartless... sorry if i wasnt clear it sounded good as i was typing.
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    Mf theory

    MF is xehanort. not from any kh yet but from kh3 cuz when xehanorts heartless and nobody were defeated he would have been reborn. so hes kinda like a xehnort reborn and the reason he uses the swords is cuz xemnas used similar ones.
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    bbs psp

    if this is old close it but gamestop is offering psp decals for preordering that makes your psp look like the jpn. special edition.
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    ff I and ffII

    are ffI and ffII on psn ive read they were but want to make sure b4 i buy a psp go.
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    kh re:coded battle system

    if its old then close the thread
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    kh re:coded battle system

    dont know if u know but kh re:coded is going to have a battle system like bbs Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Dated in Japan - Nintendo DS News at IGN heres a link read the article b4 closing i know the the title is diff but it is in there.
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    keyblade war

    if there was a kh mmo it should take place in that time i mean then there were thousands of keyblade warriors and two sides to fight on just seems like a good place to me.
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Keyblades - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship heres a link to all the keyblades in bbs and the name of kiaris keyblade if already done then close.
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    probably done b4

    if nomura came up to you and said make your own kh villain who would it be what powers would he have what weapon would he use and would he have a connection to any others kh character.
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    sora armor

    if sora had armor like TAV what do you think it would look like?
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    how did you pronounce his name i allways thought it was MAR-LUX-EYE but marlusha just sounds funny. and yes i know its been done b4 im just bored.s1britishguys1worstbirthdayevers1demteeth
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    Does anyone still...

    no i have no heart 2525252525252525252
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    does riku have 3 hearts

    ok if ansem sod had terra and xehonort in him and riku absorbed ansem then does riku have his own heart terra's heart and master xenorts heart kinda like sora with vens heart.
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    favorite drive form

    i like master but if anti didnt have so many rescrictions i would love.
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    Ideal optional boss(es) for KH3?

    ok that would be pretty damn epic.
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    character building

    i was playing kh2 and thhought "man it would be cool if i could make a character dual weild all the time." so i was just wondering if u could make your own character what its traits would be i.e. dual weild, strong with magic, fire element specialist.
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    Fanfiction ► the story of the wise girls.

    what the fuck is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    vanitas face

    how many people actually want to see his face i mean it is a great mystery but its the biggest spoiler in the whole game so just asking.