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  1. yoh

    Whose your favorite kh character of all time

    Hey guys this is my first thread.Anyway I wanna know your favorite kh character of all time and u get to pick up to 5.My favorite are Ventus,Sora,Roxas,Riku,and Terra
  2. yoh

    a good game ruined

    no offense but i had an awesome time with bbs and i have a word of advice just have fun with it and heres a challenge 4 u revisit worlds get EVERY single item without skipping any enemies and that should get u strong enough Hope it helps
  3. yoh

    Who should be Sora's master? Ventus or Aqua?

    aqua would teach sora more cause shes a keyblade master and shes smart
  4. yoh

    KH2:FM+ Cutscene Guide

    it be so cool if u found KM FM thnx
  5. yoh

    KH2:FM+ Cutscene Guide

    thx so much ive been trying to find out what they ment
  6. yoh

    What do you Think about Xion?

    Xions not that bad but shes kinda crazy
  7. yoh

    Sora's heartless form

    it was probably because his heart was strong enough but not dark enough