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    Was Ven the one talking to Sora in KH1.

    Because loke is simply far too cool to ever use the phrase "I think". Ever.
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    Petes banishment and escape, plus some awesome ice cream SUBBED

    Re: Petes banishment and Ice cream sub! PLOT HOLE!!! That was never a plot hole, but obviously you're a member of TUS. You're just another kid who agrees with whatever Prince or any other Mod says.
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    The Olympus Battle Looks Awesome

    There really wasn't any point to making this thread....
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    There's this magical thing called punctuation...
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    (spoilers)Am I the only one pissed at Aqua?

    And how the hell was she supposed to know that Terranort would try to plunge everything into darkness? She didn't. She sent Terra up, because she figured that with the darkness gone, he would go back to normal. He didn't, but don't blame her for it.
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Shut your mouth before it happens.
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    Terranort is technically part of the story; after beating all three stories, you get to do "Last Episode" with Aqua, which is her fighting Terranort and basically erasing his memory via physical means.
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    I'm sure that all three BBS stars will be whole by the end of KH3, if not before.
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    I never argued against that point. I argued against the idea that the worlds being swallowed by darkness has anything to do with the various groups saying "Sora". He obviously didn't know the translation of the name Sora, otherwise he wouldn't have started this thread.
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    Did BBS just make the KH series better as a whole?

    I loved Kingdom Hearts 2, and I think this looks amazing.
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    There's no real significance to them saying Sora. It's just meant to be a heartwarming moment, what with the double meaning of his name: Sora means sky in japanese. In reality, what they were saying was "sky".
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    Where did he say that, exactly?
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    Aqua's armor 0_o

    Kingdom Hearts happened. The armor is there for the same reason Xehanort is there...
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    He'll probably look the same :( Ugh, this is pissing me off to no end.
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    Secret Boss (Spoilers) - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs This is according to Kouli, who according to many members is a trustable source. His name does sound vaguely familiar.... but I'm not sure. If this is true, I am REALLY disappointed.
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread It probably won't be on for a few hours... go to sleep or do something else, peeps.
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    Regarding the title of BBS, may have already been discussed.

    The acronym BBS looks liks boobs. Discuss.
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    ... Your spelling is quite lackluster.
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    What does that stuff mean?
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    There was no flaming/rudeness in there. It's being realistic. It's not the domain registration that bothers me, it's the description. It gives away far more than it should, and 2chan has been known to make stuff up.