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  1. Regret

    358/2 days honest opinion

    I think it is a really unneeded storyline, but its usually for those who want more in depth stuff on KH
  2. Regret

    How many times have you beaten KH1?

    Re: How manny times have you beaten KH1? Once, I only rented the game, but I've replayed KH2 many times.
  3. Regret

    The "Key" to Ven's Identity.

    Wat? Also, Put translations for the squiggles on the bottom >:[ "Do you know what your true name is Roxas?" I think that quote has significance y/n? (Its Ventus)
  4. Regret

    The "Key" to Ven's Identity.

  5. Regret

    Help/Support ► Dragons.

    There's your problem, brush at least two times a day and make sure you brush your tongue as well, easy fix.
  6. Regret

    Help/Support ► So

    Yo wutz teh name of the song in hiz vid, i tottally want to dowlad dat???
  7. Regret

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    The X button smashing and I wanted more So/Kai
  8. Regret


    I'd say Aqua, Nomura said that she is going to have an awesome fighting style with flips and cartwheels and all that goodness, finally a playable girl character in the kh series xD I'd also think Ven, Because of the way he holds his keyblade might introduce another fun style.
  9. Regret

    Why can't Mickey call up a corridor of darkness?

    See: Secret Ansem Report 2 Of course I'm paraphrasing a bit.
  10. Regret

    Organization XIII coat

    I lol'd hard at the wigs... seriously.. I'm still laughing my brains out XDDDD FAIL! at Zexion, Axel, and Cloud, and Zack xDD
  11. Regret

    When You First Saw Your Battle Report...

    Gummi ship missions sux it tl;dr I was surprised I went into anti 32 times xP
  12. Regret

    in the secret ending

    Is there a need for this thread? And actually her face is more like "Oh crap."
  13. Regret

    Christmas Sora

    I think since Sora changed to fit halloween town he changed to fit christmas world :v
  14. Regret

    Why Namine?

    Hey pairing Preference is pairing preference, As long as you don't go bad mouthing other peoples parings I'm cool with even Sora x Goofy lovers (I hope to god there isnt any.)
  15. Regret

    Meet The Three Girls Again?

    You already got it checked off dude. Orange mickey head means you did it.
  16. Regret

    Goofy's armour...

    Oh hi thar /thread
  17. Regret

    Goofy's armour...

    Armor goes along the side of the left arm for full coverage because the weapon is in the right hand so the left is for guarding , were as there is no armor on the weapon hand for faster swinging and all that, it's standard armor design.