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  1. x.ion

    Something about 0.2 BBS stuck out to me...

    I really understand what you mean, logos have an impact on me too. I dunno but to me I think the logo is completely fine. I mean the design, colors and style all give a feeling of this part of the game. Idk how to explain this hehe.
  2. x.ion

    Terra meeting Xehanort

    Yea KH style doesn't go well with seeing the future concept. Thanks for sharing!
  3. x.ion

    Terra meeting Xehanort

    I dunno I think it has to do with the conversation he was having with Xehanort, about Vanitas destroying light. But why exactly the ending scenes? maybe it has another explanation..
  4. x.ion

    Terra meeting Xehanort

    Was he just imagining Vanitas fighting with his friends? because of the conversation with Xehanort..?
  5. x.ion

    Terra meeting Xehanort

    First I'm sorry if this was discussed previously! I'm currently playing BBS -Terra's Part- and there was a scene that caught my attention when Terra was talking to Xehanort in the KBG. Here's a video: - From 11:06 - 11:33 - 00YLGz823QM Why was Terra seeing scenes from the ending? Am I over...
  6. x.ion

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Opening Title / Main Menu Concept

    Woah this is really cool, and the details! Great work *-*
  7. x.ion

    New information on Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Back Cover & 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

    Re: New information on Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Back Cover & 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage Great news T_T I really can't waaaaaaaait!!!!! Another living story of BBS T_T BBSV2 Although this means we will have to wait longer for KHIII.. well, it doesn't matter, KH taught us patience...
  8. x.ion

    Sora is unrealistically optimistic!!?

    Thank you! I like Sora's optimism too! He's my second favorite character:redface:.
  9. x.ion

    Sora is unrealistically optimistic!!?

    - - Spoiler warning - - Hey all =] I'm new to the forum, actually this is my first post hehe. So, about Sora's unrealistic optimism, I read manyyy comments on how he can be happy all the time/seems fake/unrealistic. Someone mentioned about how he reacted when Riku became a keyblade...