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    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    IF he were to come back, it'd be as Lea, NOT Axel...Also, I'm not sure that when a heartless is killed, then its nobody, causing the person to come back, that they still have their memories as a somebody...And for all we know his corresponding heartless may NOT have been killed first...sure...
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    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    Again, she ends up having her hope restored...Axel just...dies...he won't be coming back at all...Aqua might. Yes she knew her friends were in danger but she also did what she did to keep them safe. I'd rather wander around the darkness twelve years and eventually have my hope of seeing my...
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    And I thought Axel's story was sad enough...[big spoilers]

    Hmmm...Aqua's or Axel's story...At first they're both pretty equal, but when I think of the END result....Aqua, despite wandering the Dark Realm for so long, has her hope restored at the end! Thus making it rather bittersweet. Axel however....dies....no hope for him whatsoever...He lost...
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    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    For me, Days is currently the more tragic game(I will wait to judge BBS). I never CRIED or anything, but to me it felt tragic...None of the other KH games felt sad to me. Just the fate of Roxas and Axel in KH2...KH 1 wasn't sad at all for me. Sora stabs himself with the keyblade, we all knew he...
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    xigbar/braig eyepatch and scar

    No, no one really knows. But many speculate that Terra caused the injuries.
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    Hair color means nothing.

    True the hair color probably means nothing, as well as hair-style. Just because two characters have the a similar hairstyle doesn't always mean they're related...And...let's say Terra DOEs somehow become Xehanort by some means...thne how did he get BROWN eyes? Terr'as are blue, and if it had...
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    I may have been right...

    Hmm....not sure I COMPLETELY agree with your theory...but it does seem plausible. At least it's not one of those "Sora has Ven's heart/soul" theories or anything similar.
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    Oh ok....'Cuz i have no idea where people are saying it was 9 years....Honestly...if you think abotu it, it would make sense for it to be 1 year....if it had been 9, the Organization would probably have been a lot bigger, attacked sooner, etc. After all 9 years is a long time. Plus, if look back...
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    Uhm....where and when do the games ACTUALLY say the apprentices became Nobodies 9 years befroe KH1? I thought it was 1 year...
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    one quick ? about zexion

    Meh, I personally don't see a reason for these theories that he uses his illusion element to make himself older...He flat out IS older! 'Sides that theory seems to farfetched to me....And...kast I checked...the apprentices lost their hearts ONE year prior to KH1...not nine or ten....So he has...
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    Who is going to be Xehanort

    I'm not entirely sure, but I doubt it'd be Terra...WAY too much of a drastic change....How would his skin get a slightly tan complexion, his hair go pure white, and his eyes go from blue to brown? Even their facial features are different, Terra has very femine looking eyes whike Xehanort...
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    BBS Opening Movie?

    Hmmm, not sure. But I hope it's like the opening to KH 1&2. The PSP can crank out such graphics, it's like a handheld PS2 almost...I also hope there's a new song by Utada....KH needs a new one...But who knows, we'll see when it comes out.
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    Organization 13

    I know he has a whole multitude of fans already but Axel is my fave. He just sticks out the most out of anypne, and after playing Days, i like this guy even more....although my friends often compare my personality with his, so maybe that's another reason why I like him... And true he has his...
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    Can't Braig get his scars after he is a nobody?

    *sigh* THankyou....SOMEONE here agrees that our physics and such don't seem to exist in the gaming world....If so...ten uh...NOTHING could be possible in the world of video games. So in the world of KH people can apparently get hit with a keyblade and have no scars....But anyway...I DO think...
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    There's moat likely no conncextion with the belt straps forming an X...and the name thing? Only thing I see is that Terra means "earth", and Xehanort can be de-anagramed to "No earth". That's about it....
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    The emblems of Terra,Ven, and Aqua

    Interesting idea but I just think it's their emblem nothing more....like how the heartless and nobodies have their own emblems but they're just symbols is all....Also, IF that were true(not that I beleive it) Then Ven should have a bronze colored emblem...but he doesn't, it's silver like Aqua's...