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    well i see were narxy is coming from hearing a shit load of ppl complaining about the same things over and over again se did this cuz our kh ( not so sure about kh2) had extra stuff japan didnt i.e. phantom and 4 arms and other stuff so since japan is there home/ base or war ever they got to...
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    i wasnt like wikipediaing 358/2 days i was jus wikipediaing kh2 cuz i was bored then i click the organization link and read all the info on them and by the time i realized i read xions it was to late they should have spoiler tags on wikipedia lol i mean come on the games not even out yet y wud u...
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    nice spoiler lol maybe i didnt want to no tht there is dual weilding at the end of 358/2 days you couldnt have just said kh2 tht had dual weilding sheez this whole game is getting ruined for me lol 1st wikipedia ruins the xion mystery 4 me and now this
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    Final Bosses in Birth by Sleep

    lol u said terra wud fight himself tht might b hard to do lol
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    Was this game better for PS2?

    i hate alot of the VA's cause when i played on gba i always gsve them these epic voices and i think vexen had a german accent 4 fun (plus he annoyed lol) me but while playing re:com the second i heard his voice i wished i was play on gba making up the german voice again lol and i felt marlusia...
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    Certain Boss Fights.

    wat a noob of course u got no damge he didnt even get close enough to touch u real men us firgaga burst and ragnarok and arc acrem (or w/e) and finish him of as hes about 2 kill u with lethal frame lol it was so B.A i wud of been pissed if i was riku lol
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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    TERRA IZ THE BEST the fight in FM+ is all i can say his keyblade became a cannon lol ( even though i doubt he will do tht in bbs atleast not as a normal move it totally rig the game in your favor if it was a normal move)
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    Lethal Flame where is it?

    o i luvvv tht move when ever i was way to low a lvl to beat an org member tht was wat saved my ass id get raped and instead of jus lvling i put a bunch of cards in so i can do tht move lol
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    haha do u get enjoyment from crushing teenagers dreams (goes to cut himself and cry in a corner like a 5 yr old girl who didnt get a pony for her birthday like she asked) lol jk
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    A/V/T , K/S/R , and N/R/? theory

    dont 4 get riku micky and pluto lol jk
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    omg i jus got the best idea if they were to ever make a live action kh movie brad pitt would totally be casted as ven/roxas lol we jus have to make him like a foot shorter and increase his foot size by like 10 (and you know wat they say about big feet lol) that should help him out with the ladys...
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    lol hahaha wow i was expecting somthing epic that will change the way i look at everything and blow my mind lol jk but hey who knows maybe your last theory was right up untill they saw benjamin button and they love brad pitt and tht movie sooo much they scrapped this huge epic storyline they...
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    Audo does crack too...

    this an awsome theory and actually sounds and feels right but who knows what Nomura is thinking he might make a crackier crackpot reason then this cracky crackpot theory lol jk but yea i agree wit forbiddenmemory you should work on the story of the game lol
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    umm my xion thoery

    when DIZ said "she" i always thought of it mofe as a kind of she isnt really human so there for she has no gender kind of "she" then a i dont know who your talking about namine kind of "she"
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    Am I Alone on This?

    am i the only the only person who found rikus story alot boringer at times ( like lower lvls) were u couldnt really go dark form before killing every one and there was like no story while play in stages i mean fighting heartless get boring after like 10 rooms with no story in between. but the...
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    not sure if this sud go here or in kh2 section or wat but its something i noticed

    It could be that Mickey was writing a letter to him for some reason, perhaps asking permission to use the Magical Train of Wonders (Yes, I named it that myself >.>) lol magical trian of wonders :D!
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    not sure if this sud go here or in kh2 section or wat but its something i noticed

    well i remember it having the kings seal on it meaning its the kings letter but wat ere im not gunna make a big deal about something i thought of while replaying the game for like 3 days straight with no sleep (getting all synthesis items and making lots of power and defense ups and complting...
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    not sure if this sud go here or in kh2 section or wat but its something i noticed

    i don't no if its that simple becuase couldn't they have just siad a letter to minnie or something like that, the way they put "a letter to some one made me think that it was in the process of being written (like he was writing it then the events in kh 1 began or somthing) and thats why it might...
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    neoshadows are awsome i wish they put them in the original NA kh like they did in khfm i forgot it was most annoying so that would have to be defenders only becuase their shield drop rate was sooooooooooooooooooooooo f ing low took me hours to get then when i did it was weak
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    not sure if this sud go here or in kh2 section or wat but its something i noticed

    well we dont really nknow if he already knew about what was written in the letter befor kh it could be about bbs so yea, but you are probably right that it is nothing