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    Mickey Summon

    I wonder why it was on cheat code central....
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    Help/Support ► Homeschooling

    From this quote, I think it's true. I was homeschooled in the 4th grade but not by a homeschooling teacher, by my mother. she wanted 2 be a teacher but it's the issue wit her anger, runs in the family but not through me. So she tried 2 be a teacher through me. I personally didn't like it because...
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    Is this how Yuffie will look like in BBS?

    That's a possibility. Looks nice enough 2 be her costume. Good job.
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    The Big Bang Theory

    This show airs on CBS, Mondays @ 8:30pm. I wasn't sure what 2 think of it when it started but it's pretty funny. Anyone know what I'm talkin bout?
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    Terra / Sora relationship.(just theorizing)

    I'm thinkin it's a father/son relationship as well. They said it was before Sora's adventure and we only heard Sora's mom call him. I'm not surprised if it isn't.
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    Who do you think is the 14th member

    I'm thinkin it's an all new character. There's nothing else u can get from what they tell us.
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    Have any of you beaten KH2 without the strategy guide?

    Yup, and actually, I've beaten KH just about 3 times without having 2 save it.
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    Well that's messed up.....got my hopes all up. :(
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    The [Des+] fanclub (Join please)

    Alright I had this idea 2 make this 4 my girl right, she so cool, smart and pretty I just couldn't help it. I'll manage this so all u gotta do is check in here, be nice 2 her and keep this thing going. So if u look in here without sayng something nice and supportive......I can't say or she'll...
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    Demyx(2nd battle)(I feel hopeless)

    Another good way is the Stitch summon. U get health and are able 2 attack him in the air.
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    New voices for certain characters.

    I'm not sure who, but it would be nice if they found some new voices 4 Hayner and Pence. They just didn't seem like the best fit 2 me.
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    How do you get the triple Sephiroth fight?

    Can I get a link of that vid please?
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    The storyline didn't surprise me, I was just shocked at all the new abilities and abilities on the keyblade.
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    I know....and I'm sorry, but I'm tryin 2 tell u that this isn't goodbye. U think I don't want u in my life nomore?
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    .:Saved:. do u really feel that bad? Please talk 2 me
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    If You Care Anything About An American Kh2fm Look At This Now

    I'm not tryin 2 be mean but how is that amazing? They only used the same english voices from the us KH2.
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    Will we be given a translation as 2 what he said after he beat him? And a translation 2 what he said when u start the fight again?
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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    Dang it, another wait? I hope this gives us a hint on the next game.
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    Happy Birthday Kakura

    This thread is 4 Kakura. Today is her birthday, so please everyone wish her a blessful and great birthday. Happy Birthday :thumbsup:
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    KH2FM+ outside of Japan

    Hey........hey........hey, I would buy even though it would be 70 bucks. It's understanding 2 me why it would be in that price range.