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    Most Epic Scene in the game?

    he was a faggot, but I thought he was a cool faggot *sniffle* xD Ditto Now I'm going to be original and say the most epic scene was in Halloween town and evryone was talking about "Sandy Claws" and Sora had this dreamy look on his face and he was all spacing out. haha. (I'm weird, forgive me)
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    Most Annoying Boss

    It was almost a tie between Larxene and Riku Replica IV, it was almost going to be RR IV but then I remembered how I couldn't stand how she said "You have no heart!" And I died so many times that I heard it over and over Bitch won't die.
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    Help/Support ► Problem with friend's mental health

    I don't personally believe in cutting. I don't see how hurting yourself will solve a problem, I just don't. But, my friend cuts herself too, both of my friends did actually. I feel like I'm hanging around emo people, actually, hell, I am, but whatever, that's not the problem right now. I don't...
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    Help/Support ► I give up ...again....

    This is why it just doesn't pay to get help here, I normally just come here to rant. Do your projects without your mom knowing, I think that if someone did their best and thinks that it is beautiful in their own eyes, then the've accomplished something. Why do you think abstract art is so...
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    Random title, I know. But anyway... My four year old sister just beat Kingdom Hearts. ^.^ It was just adorable, she can barely talk and she already knows how to play video games. It took her about a week. (By the way I did NOT beat anything for her) Random... but, since I might as well try to...
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    Help/Support ► Thank you in Japanese?

    lol. Yup, I'm with this person xD (I'm pretty sure domo and arigatou are both right, now can we end this thread?)
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    Help/Support ► WAS IT A DREAM OR WAS IT REAL?

    Re: WAS IT A DREAM< OR WAS IT REAL? Sounds fun... (I'm just morbid like that XP) Anyway, yea, normally listening to music or watching TV while I sleep keeps me from dreaming, so I listen to music every night since all my dreams are nightmares. (Another sign of how morbidly morbid I am)
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    I really can't believe a thread hasn't been made yet. This band is awesome, I love When it Rains, CrushCrushCrush... actually, I love every single song they ever made. And on top of that, Hayley has awesome hair ^.^
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    Help/Support ► Small-Talk

    I hate small talk. But it really is true, talking about a shitty teacher can make friends of anyone xP. My Algebra teacher sucks, he even threw chairs around a room during my class O.O. Well, now "throw" but he pushed the chair, it hit some poor dude in the back. And the principal caught him...
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    Help/Support ► Random Rantings that no One Has to Read

    Lol Lone Pickle. That made me crack up. The truth is always funny deep down. lol, you're all such sarcastic asses. But I don't mind, sarcasm is what makes people awesome C8. And yea, it is stupid, but I just needed a nice rant xP
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    Help/Support ► Random Rantings that no One Has to Read

    I really don't need help or support. I just need to rant. Okay, my friends LOVE to piss me off. They think because I believe that love is just something that only appears in movies and books, that they feel I'm the perfect candidate to play the matchmaking game. My friend wanted me to go out...
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    Help/Support ► Jobs for a 15 year old

    Maybe a family member is hiring? Because I'm going to turn 15 in August this summer and my aunt is the manager at Arby's. So she said she'll give me a job. Sadly, she fired all the previous family members because they all sucked, so now I'm not gonna screw this up ^.^
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    My Computer wont play sound. -_-

    Okay, here's ANOTHER thread I'm going to post here because my fully capable father won't haul his ass over to my room to fix the problem (yet when his computer breaks down "Oh, the world must stop and I must go out and get a computer that pretty much puts us in the doghouse!" Sorry, this isn't a...
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    That would be awesome, and maybe he could get people more useful than Donald and Goofy! IDK, like Charlie the Unicorn and Barney! Dude, they would be so much more useful than Donald and Goofy. XD The sad thing is that it's true. I can picture Barney "I love you, you love me, we're a happy...
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    When You First Saw Your Battle Report...

    Probably that I healed my party members 480 something times O.O I NEVER heal Donald or Goofy lol
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    There is something I want to know

    Because Riku took one too many hits to the head XD. But seriously, just don't think about it, thinking realistically about KH will probably make you mental ^.^
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    If you have an Xbox 360, PLEASE HELP! If you have dealt with playonline, even better!

    I just got FFXI fot the Xbox 360 and after the EXTREAMLY annoying and pointless registration, I was ready to play, but THEN when I clicked on "Log in" on the PlayOnline Viewer, it says that I cant log in because I still need to enable messaging and chat or something. AFTER 3 WHOLE HOURS, I HAVE...
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    Help/Support ► "i don't love you, but i'm trying to"

    woooow......... you're too young to be dealing with this.... at least you're not a runaway dad. I heard a story about a teen father who abandoned his kid because his parents said they'd give him a white truck. As I heard that story, I thought, WTF? That's more important than your baby?! but...
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    Help/Support ► Very annoyed. Need to vent.

    Umm.... yea. She already IS hooked on WoW, so that wont help :D well, I suppose its too late anyway. He added me as a friend and we're talking. It feels like I lost though... this feeling sucks lol
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    Help/Support ► Very annoyed. Need to vent.

    I hate to double post but wow... just wow. NOW he messaged me asking how I was doing and if I "missed him" WTF was my friend saying to him?! D: