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    Been a while ...

    Osu !! Damn, I been registered for 9 years ? I used to frequent the chatroom back in the day. Anyways... I'm back for KH3. Is there any chance I could change my name ? I know I haven't hit the 1000 post limit but I could do with a username that's less... 13yearoldish? Anyway. Good to see ya'll...
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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir pretty sure many of us on this message board has done the above. ;)
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    Teriyaki Boyz - Serious Japanese

    New album from TB, :D About a month of release, it's packed full of stuff they made from 06 to 09 TERIYAKI BOYZ / Serious Japanese [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Serious Japanese is a dope track. Chorus kiiiiiinda kills it but. Watch "Work That" if you like lots of ass ;) YouTube - [HQ MV]...
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    Where is this image from?

    Where'd you get this from?
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    The Reaping.

    I checked, there's no other threads for this movie. Pretty sure some of you have seen it. It was good. Went to see it with my girlfriend on Sunday. Pretty odd movie, but we liked it. I give it a 3/5. It's a religion based horror film. If you like horror/creepy movies, I suggest you go watch...
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    Le Parkour.

    Are there any Traceurs out there on KHI? Or are you all too nerdy to go out in the sunlight and excercise? Google it. I can't be bothered to post a definition. YouTube it too, there are alot of good people.
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    *sigh of relief* I got my copy yesterday from *wait for it...* KMart xDDD I saw it in the catalogue for $79 so I practically ran there and bought it, ran back it stuck it in the PS2. At the moment I'm at Port Royal just finishing up. HEEEHEEEE! I love my cover, so shiny... *polishes*
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Whatever, if the price is high, I'm willing to trade in any game! :p I'm so cheap.
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    omg! The secret ending finally makes sense!

    I predict a whole new world, new characters. More keyblades better combat etc etc. MAYBE, there s a connection to the previous KH games.
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    Must. Send. Hatemail. Right. Now. OMGrace, I can't take it anymore. *stabs pictures of Nomura*
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    I'm really getting frustrated with the release date. I've been to the site 10 times a day and no update. Grrrrrrrrrrr. T___T By the time it comes out KH3 is out! How can it take so long to convert the format, and mass copy it? It's not like they make each game one at a time!
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    I'm asking a question about where to find the downloads for cutscenes, because my computer got wiped and I lost the link for the filefront collection. I'm just wondering if anyone has the link. Thanks in advance!
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    Fanfiction ► .:[Azuke: Shinobi’s Path]:.

    Re: .:[Azuke: Shinobi’s Path]:. Nonetheless, lol 'tis a good plot. The next chapter should be a good one!
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    Fanfiction ► .:[Azuke: Shinobi’s Path]:.

    Re: .:[Azuke: Shinobi’s Path]:. Oh yeaaaaah! A new Naruto fic! Guess what? You're watched! Oh wait they don't have that function here. lol I guess I'm gonna have to do it manually. Okay then, favved! I'm Rick James, biztach. Be honored.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Surpasses One Million Copies Shiped in North America!

    =DDD Yay more than a million copies SOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLDDD! This totally, utterly confirms KH3. I just hope theres some limited editions left in Aus when it comes out.
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    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    It's called "YAY POLL!! (takes and runs)" It looks like I'm the only one who voted for that one.
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    The Official: Do You Like Sora Or Roxas More?

    ...This poll is mine!!! =O Well, well, well... Well. Look whose still speaking n00b now. "OMG spokun liek a tru heero"
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    Glowing Eye Unknown

    Nyesss well, with my blind eye I see that both are concepts. =D The second in DD is the concept for Roxas where Nomura decided to base that character and obviously turn it into the Sora wannabe.
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    Do you think nomura overdid it with making sora that strong?

    Nyeh, so what someone could've spent an hour on the one area levelling up. But for the boss fights, I think Nomura made drives so it make it a little easier/harder depends on what happens. =P It's a guess.
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    ._. I'm not sure about the Australian release date still. I haven't been updating, yes I know I have been living under a rock so shoot me. =/ I can't be bothered reading the previous pages I'm a bit tired. RELEASE DATE!? WHEN!? Questionssss need to be anssssswered, or some heads will fall off...