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  1. J

    Kingdom Hearts Novels

    So, I just wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get them. I am hearing all of this talk about extra info in the novels and i'd really like to know it. Thanks.
  2. J

    GUIDE: Fastest Way to Gain Experience and Levels

    Anybody have a specific way for ven?
  3. J

    End of Terra?

    Well, I'm not saying you're wrong, but that sounds kind of ridiculous to me. I have heard it before, but I can't take it seriously. 1) Xion isn't considered an org. 13 member, hence the reason it was never called Org. 14. 2) I mean, that's like saying that Sora's hair sticks up therefore he's...
  4. J

    End of Terra?

    Re: [SPOILERS] End of Terra? Ohh! That makes sense. Thanks for all the info! But that just makes me wonder, does this mean that some of Org. 13's somebodies could bbe walkin around somewhere? It'd be awesome if Axel came back.
  5. J

    End of Terra?

    My apologies if there has already been a thread like this. But I was just thinking: So, we know that Xehanort is Terra + MX = Xehanort. And when he became a heartless, he created Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness and Xemnas. Ansem SOD was destroyed by Sora, Donald and Goofy at the end of KH1 and...
  6. J

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    I REALLY wanna know who Vanitas is. And I wanna make sure he isn't another one of Vexen/Even's stupid creations. That will destroy my soul if I find that crap out.
  7. J

    MX Terra Theroy

    I would only agree with the last part of the theory because that would explain why Xemnas called Aqua's armor 'friend'. Other than that, I doubt it.
  8. J

    Couple of screenshots

    TAV & Master Eraqus all have the "nobody" symbol.
  9. J

    Vanitas is possibly Xehanort.

    Mansex? LMFAOOOO!!! Did you do that on purpose. I'm guessing you did. That's a good one. I hope you don't mind if I take that?
  10. J

    Vanitas is possibly Xehanort.

    Haha yea I know what you mean. haha Square Enix would be the ones to make it something crazy that we would have never thought of.
  11. J

    Ventus awoken?

    YouTube - *VOICES* KH2 Final Mix: The Conclusion (English Subs). This scene is from KH2 final mix. At 1:30, Xemnas says, "perhaps he was awakened too." I think that by "he", he is referring to Ventus.I say this because in BBS, Ven & Lea were said to be friends. Perhaps Xemnas thought that since...
  12. J

    How ventus is related to roxas

    Haha okay. & I never thought of it that way. So how is Ven's heart supposed to be released? Or is that what Xemnas is trying to figure out by finding the...er...other room.
  13. J

    CO in BBS?

    Yerp. It was confirmed in one of the translation things. Terra's hallway is filled with light but is 'swallowed' by darkness. & Ven's is filled with darkness which turns to light.
  14. J

    Vanitas is possibly Xehanort.

    My theory is that Vanitas is part of Xehanort. I say this because of his & Riku's darkness. The similarities are obvious./ The skirt looking thing, the shoes. The full body 'armor'. & also, (if you didn't notice), Riku's old fake keyblade (soul eater) & Vanitas' keyblade both have eyes on them...
  15. J

    CO in BBS?

    Well in the picture of Ven on the...er...poapoa tree (idk how to spell it.) there was a man in a black Org. 13 coat so possibly the scene with Aqua at CO takes place aafter & possibly the org is being formed. Or being thought up of.
  16. J

    How ventus is related to roxas

    I know, I was just proving that there is more to the connection besides Ven's heart being put into Sora.
  17. J

    How ventus is related to roxas

    Btw, both of their hearts came out. Which is why Roxas AND Namine were created at the same time.
  18. J

    Vanitas exists because Ventus exists!

    Even if he was born from Ven, & even if he is evil, He is still awesome. Or at least, his outfit is awesome & so is his keyblade.
  19. J

    How ventus is related to roxas

    But there must be another connection between them. I say this because Xemnas said, multiple times I believe, that Sora & Roxas look alike. (so therefore Sora & Ven would look alike also. So unless you are saying that this is a coincidence, (which I highly doubt, otherwise why would Xemnas say...
  20. J

    CO in BBS?

    Also, in the fragments of the intro to BBS, which were put in the newest trailer, it shows Ven & Terra in what looks to be CO. Terra is running from Darkness & Ven is running from darkness but that darkness turns to light.