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  1. LadyShadowAngel

    Naminé's role in KH III

    What do you think will happen with Naminé? On the cover art she is not part of any trio and is sitting alone What would you like her role to be? Will she likely stay with Kairi or be her own person?
  2. LadyShadowAngel

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Scenes in English!

    I can't believe that it has been so many years and we are finally getting these scenes dubbed in English I'm quite happy, thank you for sharing <3
  3. LadyShadowAngel

    Episode 8 Scenes with subtitles

    Thanks, bittermeat! So no more Namine, but everyone else? NO. >:( He better.
  4. LadyShadowAngel

    Days summed up in a few seconds

    Nope, isn't working for me either. Which is strange omgsh
  5. LadyShadowAngel

    Now that we've seen the BBS final boss, which Final Boss was the most epic in the series?

    lol No ones loves Marluxia XD I think he was an awesome final boss But the most epic? Well, for me it's Xemnas. Sure, Vanitas looks cool and I love him, but I haven't even played BBS yet =/
  6. LadyShadowAngel

    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania.... No, so far no KH Ultimania was released there I think XD
  7. LadyShadowAngel

    About Ultimania....(Update3)+cover+new details

    Re: About Ultimania.... So long? Wow, that sucks big time, I was looking forward to some interviews and explanations and baaaaawwwwwwww DDDD:
  8. LadyShadowAngel

    Coming Back

    It would be stupid to bring her back, I wouldn't want that =/
  9. LadyShadowAngel

    high quality vanitas pics and hq xblade

    Bawww, I wanted some HQ Vanitas XO Maybe someone saved the pics? Please share ;__;
  10. LadyShadowAngel

    Soundtracks bbs

    Also YouTube - Roxas13khw's Channel
  11. LadyShadowAngel

    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    From Tales Square Community @ nico The next broadcast of contents Kingdom Hearts PSP Basubaisuripu January 9th (Sat) will be broadcast from 2 o'clock.
  12. LadyShadowAngel

    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Seems that there will be live-broadcast happening (?) Tales Square. on Justin.tv  leta_jp on USTREAM: Justin.tv http://www.justin.tv/leta_jp. Gaming Entertainment  Stream Player(?) But it's offline now =/
  13. LadyShadowAngel

    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    Re: Early Release Game Owner Aqua Torres will be squeezed out of the mind is hard to fight against Hearts at Aqua What? XD Who is Torres?
  14. LadyShadowAngel

    Scores from Famitsu: 10/9/9/9

    36/40 25 characters goooooooo
  15. LadyShadowAngel

    Vanitas voice actor!?

    Isn´t Vanitas voiced by Miyu Irino (Sora´s Voice Actor) ?
  16. LadyShadowAngel

    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    He reminds me of Chow Yun Fat ^^ This game is going to be so amazing
  17. LadyShadowAngel

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Vol. 3 out soon?

    I just saw that the german KH 2 Manga Vol. 3 has been released!!! Link: Animexx.de: Manga: Kingdom Hearts II - Band 3 So, any idea when we get the english version?
  18. LadyShadowAngel

    Symphonic Fantasies Concert from September 11

    Yeah, they are online and on YouTube, enjoy YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies Konzert - Musik von Kingdom Hearts (Part 1) YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies Konzert - Musik von Kingdom Hearts (Part 2)
  19. LadyShadowAngel

    The meaning of Xion

    Oni? In Japanese means "Little Demon", I think
  20. LadyShadowAngel

    KH2 manga-Volume 3?

    I heard that the license was dropped! But I hope this not to be true