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    what if....

    asod wasn't a heartless but a unversed ! think about it. that would explain how he has that ghostly blue form when he takes over riku. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion First Visit Part 1 skip to about 8:00 no heartless we have seen have been like this also it would explain why...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far wow I cant wait for this to come out even though I wont be able to play it because i don't have a psp:cry:. oh well theres always youtube.
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    I cant beat axel!

    wow marluxia 1is tuff I just beat him and #2 . on#3 I got to 4 health bars left and died from doom! curse you doom!:angry:
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    I cant beat axel!

    whats ign?I have never heard of it
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    I cant beat axel!

    the only dor left is the treasur room
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    I cant beat axel!

    thanks guys I remade my deck and beat him after a while!but I was wondering what do I do now?
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    I cant beat axel!

    wow thanks guys ill try using your sugestions! p.s when do battle marlucia. After axel or at the 2nd and 3rd doors in co ?
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    Joke Weapons

    omg that was wicked funny!
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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    I HATED:angry: both the vexan fights it was soooo! anoying
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    I cant beat axel!

    ok thanks . I dont think i have that fatal frame slieght where do I get it?
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    I cant beat axel!

    I own re com and am on the last axel battle and I just cant beat him. any tips on how to beat him?
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    my thread got "closed"

    I made a thread and after 1 reply it got "closed" what happend and if I can how do I fix it?
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    Axel & Saïx Question

    I think axel is so cool.I hope we see his somebody in bbs and/or kh3 as a good guy or a playable charascter/party member. p.s AXEL,REKU,and ROXAS Rock
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    who is mx really?!

    i really want to know because i wont to be able to play bbs because i dont have a psp. So who is master xheanort? Is he the sombody of xeanort and xemnas. or is he some totally other person? sombody please tell me. The suspense is killing me:23:!