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  1. voltage

    Kingdom Hearts Darkness Zero (An Online Multiplayer Fan Game.)

    **This game is still in development** Hey everyone. I checked the forum rules and it never stated I couldn't post a video game I was creating. Previously I worked under the creative forum, but I'm hoping for a little more exposure. This is a fan game I started a week ago. I've had previous...
  2. voltage

    New Member Posting Rights?

    Hi Forum, I've posted a thread in the creative corner for my fan video game and I can't respond to the comments. I've submitted probably 8 attempts of the same response within the last 2 days. I want to make sure the attention isn't ignored as I much appreciate people's interest. Why are my...
  3. voltage

    Kingdom Hearts Fan Video Game (Working Title)

    Kingdom Hearts Online Video Game (Darkness Zero) Hey everyone! I've got something very exciting to share! A brand new Kingdom Hearts Fan game. This game title has been used for previous works like R3draw studio's releases on Gamejolt. I'm mentioning this to assure you him and I are not the...