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  1. KeybladeRoxas

    So how did Maleficent do this?

    Ok I don't know how to quote but who cares? You said this "The same way anyone would forget someone. The good fairies haven't seen her in a good 10 years since she destroyed their home world. Anyone could forget someone in that amount of time." but they forgot him due to Naminé messing with...
  2. KeybladeRoxas


    Ok so if KH3 does come out I just want to ask how many people want Sora and Kairi to finally get it over with and kiss already?
  3. KeybladeRoxas

    I don't get Riku/Ansem

    I worked it out strait after I posted the message
  4. KeybladeRoxas


    thanks all of you this really helped and I guess I really need to get BBS
  5. KeybladeRoxas


    Ok so I know Roxas is a nobody and stuff and so's Naminé but how does Roxas pretty much have a heart? Then for Naminé how does she have the ability to control memories when the only special thing about Kairi is that she's one of the princesses of heart? Or is Naminé able to do that just to make...
  6. KeybladeRoxas

    I don't get Riku/Ansem

    thanks for the info I guess and how do you add an avatar? I can't find it anywhere
  7. KeybladeRoxas

    I don't get Riku/Ansem

    thanks that explained it and now to make this long enough
  8. KeybladeRoxas

    I don't get Riku/Ansem

    Ok so in the first game Ansem was inside Riku and Riku looked the same (besides the hula dress) so in KH2 why does he become Xehanort (well a look-alike) when he enters the darkness?