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    what are u listening to?

    artist: tech n9ne song: king of darkness :]
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    same here. im not a very big fan of decals either. but yeah i doubt anyone would use them if they were anything less
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    ehhhh true. but still i mean they coulda done something bettr thn just stickers. yeah i guess ur right. bettr thn nothin :/
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    wow stickers? wtf. they coulda gone bettr thn tht. hell! evn a little poster not evn a big one but little woulda been bettr. or just a little 10 page artbook! is it just me or does it seem like companies tht like to rip us off are becoming bigger cheap skates?
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    im back! :D

    hello! just got back on after missing out for a year! currently on using psp. i didnt know you could get on forum using mobile...?
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    Keyblades and armor

    DOOD. AWESOME. good idea. that sounds shweet. armor coming with the keyblade to not only have an offensive advantage but a defensive? ALMOST EPIC. haha
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    Why is sora the one?

    Why is sora the one to wield the keyblade? it could have just as easily been anyone else to wield it. Like Riku was able to in KH1. Any idea on any fan-made imaginary characters that could have also wielded the key before Terra,Aqua,Ventus, and Xeahnort? And was Xeahnort there before them also...
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    Is kingdom hearts 3 Confirmed?

    When will there be any news on a possible KHIII? Im tired of watching videos on youtube thinking is this really the one? and then after that there is nothing but pain and sorrow. Just fanmade vids and im sick of being faked out damnit! :angry: When i ask u WHEN???
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    Y is it when i try to go to my home page (khinsider) it doesnt work but when I try at a different time it does? When i go to it it says This:DB function failed with error number 145 Table './khinside_khidb/jos_session' is marked as crashed and should be repaired SQL=SELECT session_id FROM...
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    price to be imported?

    does ayone possibly know just how much it may cost for the games to be imported to the U.S.?
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    dates of the new KH or FF games?

    New to the KHI and am in needing of help with understanding the final dates of the new KH games. what day do they release and which ones are being released. hlp plz :confused:
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    Wich difficulty in BBS???

    id have 2 start out on standard so i could try and get used to it before i actually play it on proud