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    Happy Birthday Josiah!

    Yes, today happens to be Josiah's birthday, and this year he's turning 17. So, now it's time for everyone to wish him a happy birthday and hope that he gets everything he wants. Happy birthday, Josiah!
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    FFXII- I need a little bit of help

    Okay, well, I'm having this problem on a boss fight in FFXII. The boss fight is the Elder Wyrm (I believe that's how you spell it...) and Vaan's level 30, and the party I'm planning on using isn't too far behind either. Now, I have no problem right in the beginning of the battle, since I have...
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    New Image of Tigger Minigame + KH2FM+ Advetisment

    Yeah, the ad is nice. That's cool. I'm glad that they have the Tigger game that they had in KH1. It does look a little different from the screenshot, though.
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    Something that would be cool in KH2FM+

    Hmm... Sounds like an interesting idea. Would you fight other in mulit-player mode or fight with them or something?
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    Wow, that looks really cool. I wonder how powerful it'll be.
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    The "I'm getting/got KH2FM+ in March!!" Thread

    I don't think I'll get the Japanese Final Mix+, acutally. I'll probably just get the US version (is it even confirmed for US release yet?). If it never comes out in the US, I'll just get the Japanese version, which I'll probably end up doing either way. So, nope, I won't be getting it in March.
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    Hayner, Pence, Olette!

    Yeah, I've wondered that too, actually... Anyways, I agree with what both Omni_VII and White_Feather have said. He's probably saying their names hoping that they'll come and tell him what's going on or something. I'm not really sure.
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    Gamespot confirms FM+ US Release kinda...

    Well, this sort of raises my expectations for this to come out in the U.S. now. Still, I'm really not sure if it will... Anyways, I'm still happy for the possibility of it. ^^
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    What if Namine was a boss?

    I agree. It wouldn't really make much sense to have Namine as a boss. I do have to say it would be interesting, though.
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    KH2 Nostalgia

    I really agree. Before the game came out, I was just really, really excited for it. And, when I got it, I was disappointed. Like you said, a whole lot of people had in mind that KH2 was just this absolutely perfect game with no errors at all. Anyways, yes, I would like to go back to that time...
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    I agree with that a lot. I mean, I would give KH2 a 7/10 because it's actually, kinda boring. By boring, I mean that some parts of the game are just so incredibly tedious that I just want to skip through it, but I can't because then, I can't beat the game, which is probably why I'm still...
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    Kingdom Wars ~A Kingdom Hearts Role Play~

    Kingdom Wars ~A Kingdom Hearts Role Play~ An RP by brainy_pigeon and dancingmango Long ago, when there were kings, queens, princes, and princesses, there was the legend of the Keyblade. Nobody really believed it, except for those that saw it with their own eyes. The legend was that there were...
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    Good and Bad points of KH2?

    Let's see... The Good - Overall, the storyline. - Roxas (One of my favorite characters) - Most of the Orginization - The Skip Cutscene option (XD I'm really glad that's there. >.>) - The Opening - The Ending The Bad - How the storyline was laid out - How most of the worlds seemed...
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    I have the guide, but I think it's in good condition. One or a few of the pages might be ripped, but as far as I know, none are falling out. I pratically never used it. I think I used it once or twice, maybe a few more than that, though. So, mine's in good condition. I don't think any pages...
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    ur opinion should Roxas and Namine return?

    Same here. I want them to return, but there might not be a need for them to return, as their stories have pretty much been concluded. It would be nice if they were mentioned though.
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    Was It Good...

    I think Armored Knight means that, would it have been better if Roxas wasn't Sora's nobody? Correct me if I'm wrong, Armored Knight.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2 Cover revealed "The Destruction of Hollow Bastion"

    I would really like to read that one of these days! I hope they translate it to English.
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    Curseing KH2

    I personally wouldn't like that idea. In my opionion, cursing really does not suit the game at all. I really can't see very many people in Kingdom Hearts cursing. It just wouldn't seem to fit in anywhere, but that's just my opinion. Like Shadukai_Xjoura said, it would also ruin it's reputation...
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    Would Kh2 have been better without Com??

    Well, the game would probably be totally different if there was no CoM. If they did start where KH2 did, they would most likely have flashbacks. They wouldn't want the majority of the people that played the game to be extremely confused, now would they? So, I guess I would have to say I'm a...
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    How was Kh2 for you?

    Although I did like KH2 and I did have fun playing that game, there were errors in the game. Like, it's really easy. (Of course.) Plus, I don't like how the story was set up, it may just be me though. Some parts of the game were boring, though. Overall, KH2 was a good and fun game. Still, there...