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  1. kh2kingman94

    Help/Support ► Should I buy 2 KH3D Mark of mastery editions?

    Mk, so I preordered a copy of the MoM edition of KH3D, and Now i have the option of getting another. I see people selling them on ebay for 20-50 dollars more than retail, and actual selling. Would it be worth it to order another copy for future resell?
  2. kh2kingman94

    Help/Support ► Just Friends

    You're 15, right? If you honestly cannot stop thinking about her with your feelings coming out everywhere, you might as well tell her now. If you want to save your relationship as it is now and your feelings are mere sparks, I'd wait until last year of school, if you're in school that is.
  3. kh2kingman94

    Help/Support ► I'm not good at this, but I'd like to ask for some advice...

    I'm posting without reading any of the other comments, but here i go. When entering a new school, it' best to just look for people that remind you of yourself. Look for people that dress like you do, act like you do, or participate in things you like. Introduce yourself to them and they'll...
  4. kh2kingman94

    Help/Support ► fry's electronics? Safe? I dunno so that's why I'm here.

    Ok, so Yesterday I decided it's time I pre-ordered KH DDD Mark of mastery edition. problem being it was sold out everywhere. Everywhere except Fry's electronics. From reviews, I've seen their ads are misleading and their customer service sucks. I pre-ordered from them anyway, but does anyone...
  5. kh2kingman94

    Hello! (again)

    Once again, Hello KHInsider! So, I joined this site back in 2006 and was pretty constant in my visits here, but I stopped coming to the forums around 2007-2008. Well, it's beena couple years and with KH3D coming out, I figured it's about time I reintroduced myself. I love Kingdom Hearts, and I...
  6. kh2kingman94

    Pic from that convention?

    wasnt there a picture from the next game that was realeased it was like the 3 knights sitting down?Does anyone know where i can see it. Oh and when is the tokyo game show 07.
  7. kh2kingman94

    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    If you look really really closely it really does look like lips. I just wanna see his face!!!!!!!!!!!! (builds time machine and goes into future and buys new kingdom hearts game)
  8. kh2kingman94

    Subbed knight cutscene

    Does anyone know where to get a subbed version of the whole knight battle. Sorry for asking. I havent been on in a w hile with easter and all.
  9. kh2kingman94

    3 Knights Theory. (very small)

    ALright. Now if u look at the original kh2 ending it shows 1 adult-like male knight, 1adult-like female knight, and 1 child-size male looking knight. My theory is what if they are a family!!!!! I mean you saw how P.O.ed that guy looked when his face part got broken? Well some people speculate...
  10. kh2kingman94

    Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    Okay. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The thing is that in one of the nomura interviews that the secret ending took place in the past or future. If Sora fights the AU, wouldnt that mean that sora would have to travel into the past or future to fight him!!!!!! Either that or This is a different knight.
  11. kh2kingman94

    KH2.net info... again

    I wonder what this "condition" you need to see the secret ending. I wonder if like you have to erase your file or something..... Or you have to win against that secret boss.
  12. kh2kingman94

    The "I'm getting/got KH2FM+ in March!!" Thread

    Whats a swap magic 3? I've never heard of it before.:confused: :confused:
  13. kh2kingman94

    Kingdom Hearts 2 FM+ Joke Thread

    I just wanted to make up a few jokes cause im bored, but of course u can too. ( when sora meets black mushrooms) Sora: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Mushroom 1: What? Sora: I hate Mushrooms!!!!!!!! Mushroom 2: Oh no You did'nt!!!!! Sora: Oh yes I did!!! (sora kills All the Mushrooms and once again the...
  14. kh2kingman94

    Just a Thought

    I was thinking. I think they should let you play as Roxas through his time in the world that never was. Like when he was still in the organazation. Its just a thought.
  15. kh2kingman94

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Im hoping you get to fight Zexion. Hes my favorite org. member.
  16. kh2kingman94

    Do U Think That KH2MX+ will release in NA

    They have to realease in NA. If they dont.....:cursing: :cursing:
  17. kh2kingman94

    ARMAX question

    i just got an armax today andi put i n the code for dual weilding roxas but it didnt work. how do u get it to work.
  18. kh2kingman94

    I beat Kingdom Hearts 2!!.....But

    This is the 1 and only flaw of KH2. Man i hate it.
  19. kh2kingman94

    crossover ratings.

    this a game i saw on another forum. somebody makes a crossover like what do you get when you cross mario and luigi? a faster plumber.( that was stupid) then the next person rates it ans makes 1. ill go first what do you get when you cross pooh and jenova from ff7...