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  1. SerDuncan

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    I pity you. You claim not to care what I think... yet you've spent a sizable amount of time in this thread attempting to prove me, and others, wrong. If you don't care... why are you making such an effort? I'm so glad you were willing to step down off your throne to grace me with your interest...
  2. SerDuncan

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    Ohhhhhh boy. First of all, I simply stated that the words you were using were "fancy" as a way to describe what I felt your post was conveying; An attempt to confuse others by crafting an argument using nothing but flowery language and no real substance. Secondly, I have to laugh. Your...
  3. SerDuncan

    So go to KH3 no hint of Sokai?

    You're using a lot of fancy schmancy big words here, but what your argument boils down to is that... the underlying romance in earlier games implies that Sora is straight. Except... nowhere in your post do we actually see some kind of subtextual romance. The rest of your post, and your argument...
  4. SerDuncan

    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    Well, that could have been true before KH3... I think.
  5. SerDuncan

    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    I guess my biggest counterpoint (if you can even call it that) is that the VFX director makes a point to reference it. The language he uses implies that Nomura or someone in the writing division specifically asked that it be yellow instead of blue, which leads me to believe there's a specific...
  6. SerDuncan

    What world would Terranort have fit in? (ULTIMANIA SPOILERS)

    Right, right. I get that they're different, but for all intents and purposes, I'm curious why we didn't get Apprentice Xehanort instead. They would both have effectively the same powers (I assume) and could have served the same function for Terra's return (I assume). That's all I meant.
  7. SerDuncan

    The Real Kingdom Hearts and what color it is

    So one of the people who have been translating all the Ultimania interviews just found one with some... apparently contradictory information. Here is the translation from @lunesacree TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter The thing that bothers me, or confuses me rather, is that...
  8. SerDuncan

    What world would Terranort have fit in? (ULTIMANIA SPOILERS)

    It's a shame we never really got to see Apprentice Terranort though. He seems like a very intriguing person, considering he was able to convince Ansem's apprentices to overthrow him, persuaded them all to become Nobodies, and so forth. Maybe if we had gotta Terranort in a world, he might have...
  9. SerDuncan

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    Awesome. :) Believe me, I know... next to NOTHING about music composition. Maybe there's even some recency bias here for me. No idea. All I know is that I find the orchestra to be very... samey. I mentioned earlier in the thread that sometimes I like that old chiptune quality, and I think that...
  10. SerDuncan

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    Honestly I think that the Gummi Ship music might be my favorite OG pieces in this game. I'll echo what seigleeagle said early in that the compositions kinda blend together for me. If you played me any Disney track from any previous KH game, I gurantee I could tell you exactly what world it's...
  11. SerDuncan

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    I think the only difference in the clothes in the 0.2 cutscenes are on his back, I mean. The strange checkered pattern is on his back and only in the 0.2 cutscenes. Ven's model from Union Cross (or sprite?) doesn't have a back view so we can't compare it to the other image.
  12. SerDuncan

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    I just went and checked around. As far as I can see, none of the previous iterations of Ven have this checkered pattern. Not him before Vanitas leaves him in BBS, not him in the opening of 0.2, not his model in KH3, not Xion when she turns into Ven in Days, nowhere. The only place I haven't...
  13. SerDuncan

    Who do you want Sora's party member(s) in Shibuya to be?

    I want there to be a new and improved party system, if they do in fact visit TWEWY's Shibuya. One of the things that made the OG TWEWY so great, and that made the later remakes pale in comparison, was the unique, innovative, challenging, and yet incredibly rewarding party system, wherein you...
  14. SerDuncan

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    This is strange... and with Nomura, you never know what random detail could be important. What does Ven even really do in this scene... maybe it's a callback to his Union Cross days or something?
  15. SerDuncan

    The Wildcard

    She's desperate to stop Sora from completing the Soriku ship we all know and love. He was all like "Girl, I wanna go and hang with Riku", but she ain't having none of that. But honestly, this is an interesting theory. I don't know if... based on the hand motions that he passed the wildcard...
  16. SerDuncan

    Would This Have Been Better?

    Easily. I think that would require a lot more work from the developers of course, but I think a second visit could fix a ton, a TON of the issues people have with the Disney worlds, and moving that fight to the middle of the game would help the pacing out so much. It would give the other...
  17. SerDuncan

    Lucky Emblems

    That would be... really, really, really dumb. I certainly hope that's not the case, that would make the whole Power of Waking pointlessness even worse. Why would searching worlds for emblems help to unlock this power? Ughhhhhh
  18. SerDuncan

    One thing scares me so much excitement around The Sleeping Realm Theory?

    I like this theory. There are definitely some reaches, definitely some parts that go too far. I can understand the frustration that could come from this. But at the end of the day, I think that... to a certain extent, I like this theory because it lends depth to a game I feel like has very...
  19. SerDuncan

    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    It's not that I want 30 minutes of cutscene. Honestly, I thought that the amount of cutscenes throughout the game felt fine. I love JRPGs and visual novels and the like so having tons of cutscenes is nothing new for me. My problem is that I felt nearly over half the cutscenes were irrelevant...
  20. SerDuncan

    Kingdom Hearts III Mod Shows Unaccessible Areas of Twilight Town and Radiant Garden

    Here's the real crime: How come we never went through those doors into various interesting worlds? That icy mountain, a kid's room, a jungle, there's plenty of awesome locales we could have visited briefly. The doors were so underused... simply background images with no real purpose. They could...