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  1. Keyblader110

    Did anyone else pronounce it wrong?

    I say She-zon :P
  2. Keyblader110

    Fanfiction ► Night of the Decendents

    lol Totaly awesome I kick ass >:D
  3. Keyblader110

    Fanfiction ► Night of the Decendents

    lol Awesome !!!!! lol you got how I am pretty well
  4. Keyblader110

    How Many of You have it?

    lol I got it the first day it came out but I had to get it after school tho. :P
  5. Keyblader110

    Please Help!

    Sorry dude from what I know about saving files that last data is gone forever...
  6. Keyblader110

    Character Multiplayer Choice

    I work well with Leaxeus, Marluixa and Larxene
  7. Keyblader110

    .:~Xeon{Myroku}~:. FC

    This is the FC for Xeon{Myroku} AKA Buster :D Hes awesome and a RP master. JOIN THE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!! Maker of FC: Keyblader110 Ruler: Xeon{Myroku} Memebers Ta-Chan Traskix Skitty cat King X Omega Prime Hex Girl17 Beastly Rebal Dream (who ever that is :P)
  8. Keyblader110

    Scene on day 74. . .

    I noticed that too..... it was weird as hell
  9. Keyblader110

    How many hours?

    lol Im getting it tomorrow so I'll see for my self XD
  10. Keyblader110

    How many hours?

    Oh! If you mean everything It'd take a couple weeks XD
  11. Keyblader110

    How many hours?

    I say it may take a week or 5 days
  12. Keyblader110

    Kh2 drive forms

    I like maters form mostly
  13. Keyblader110

    Title pronounciation?

    I just say 3-5-8 over 2 days :P
  14. Keyblader110

    nobodys- things im not sure

    Well he IS a body...... so he would be like a human of course so yes to both
  15. Keyblader110

    Christmas killed the mood.

    I liked the chrismastown part..... How sora acted I would do the same thing
  16. Keyblader110

    Fanfiction ► Can't Trust Myself

    Wow I like it..... Very good :)
  17. Keyblader110

    umbreallas as a continuing joke :)

    I always thought it was an intersting weapon....... beating the crap out of something in the rain, Its handy. XD
  18. Keyblader110

    Who will you play as first

    Im playin Aqua's first. I bet it'll be awesome!
  19. Keyblader110

    (Revised) translation of new Famitsu interview

    Re: (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview Oh wow this is awesome :D