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  1. darkisaac

    Cartoon/TV ► The Book of Boba Fett

    Hi there. I haven't posted here in a hot sec lol A friend and I began a Youtube channel to discuss this (and eventually other) series. Here is our video on the latest episode. Constructive criticism is welcome. We are trying to get better with each video so let us know what you think. My...
  2. darkisaac

    The Oak and the Raven

    Haven't posted here in a while! In any case, this is the first part of a short story I'm writing in response to this thread on the Writing Prompts subreddit. If you enjoy it (and have a reddit account) feel free to go to the thread and upvote my comment! I am writing the second part soon...
  3. darkisaac

    Lionel Messi, a disappointment -- a short article

    A short article I wrote in the wake of the World Cup final. Lionel Messi, a disappointment. Just having a bit of fun with the recent criticism Messi has received.
  4. darkisaac

    ~The Death of Logic ~ A Collection of Prose

  5. darkisaac

    PSA: Be Nice to People (Funny/Stupid)

    I have no idea which section this should be posted in but I figured here would be ok. My roommate and I made a PSA for one of my classes, and it's ridiculously stupid so I decided to put it here, and see what people think. Anyways, here it is: YouTube - PSA: Be Nice to People
  6. darkisaac

    Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin's Theme Guitar cover.

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I decided to put it here in the Anime section. I covered the electric version of Kenshin's, named "Himura Kenshin Original Mix" in the Season One Soundtrack of Rurouni Kenshin, and put it up on Youtube. Here's a link, enjoy, and comments are appreciated...
  7. darkisaac

    The Struggle Is Enough

  8. darkisaac

    Too Young To Die

  9. darkisaac

    Few Quick Sketches

    Some quick sketches I did a WHILE ago but only recently uploaded. I've become very lazy with my art lately, and between school and hanging out with friends/my girlfriend, I hardly ever find time to draw anything really good. Anyways I hope you guys like 'em. There are a couple FMA drawings, an...
  10. darkisaac

    The Promises We Make

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~
  11. darkisaac

    Prose to Go

  12. darkisaac

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love Solo(Guitar Cover)

    This is my cover of the solo to Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love on my electric guitar. YouTube - Queen-Crazy Litlle Thing Called Love Solo (Cover) Feedback or comments on youtube would be appreciated. :P Oh btw I wasn't sure in which forum to post this thread so I put it here, because...
  13. darkisaac

    Ode to Stratocasters (Song)

  14. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► so I have here a poem

    I thought it was good. Really nice message. You should write more poems, or write songs =D
  15. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► Bird of Prey [Assassin's Creed]

    Wow...Seriously? No comments? it's been like 3 weeks man. I'd appreciate someone reading my story...
  16. darkisaac

    How rto Play Free Credit Report Commercials [Guitar]

    Hey have any of you guy's heard those commercials with the three guys, singing? They're hilarious. There's three of them, one where they're pirates in a restaurant, one where they're in a basement, and the latest one they're in a car. Anyways, I liked the songs they came up with very much...
  17. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► Bird of Prey [Assassin's Creed]

    Um...are you ok? because this IS Fan Fiction...thanks, though I would much rather get feedback than some angry, pointless comment. Worst of all is that you're not even right.
  18. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► Bird of Prey [Assassin's Creed]

  19. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► The Riyona Village

    Though I'm not a huge fan of Vincent, or the whole idea of crossovers, this is not bad and it would be interesting to see where it leads. Good Luck, I'll keep reading. ^_^
  20. darkisaac

    Fanfiction ► NaNoWriMo!

    Actually, and ironically, my lack of ideas has given me an idea... I know crazy huh? I won't say anymore 'cause if I decide to make a Fic out of it, then I'd be giving away the plot...