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  1. Rydgea

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    Congrats. I have taken a break with 25-30 various Proud level songs to go. I've completed over half of the level 15 ones, but not One for All. That ending is a *****. And of course, ...you have to play through the whole song to get to it. I wish there was a practice mode, where you could segment...
  2. Rydgea

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    Trying to fill up the "Excellent" bar in level 14-15 MoM tracks.
  3. Rydgea

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Aaah, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much @MATGSY & @Soldier! You guys are basically parroting my co-worker on the titles you've chosen. Arceus sounds particularly wild (and cool). But for some reason, the lists I've come across were all over the place, in terms of those specific...
  4. Rydgea

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Sooo, I've been out of the Pokémon loop since... basically Gen I. I'm a genwunner? (I'm just finding out.) My nostalgia has taken me down a journey this past month, starting with rereading my old Toshihiro Ono manga singles. That devolved into a spiral. I dusted off my ancient Nintendo Power...
  5. Rydgea

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    I've warmed up to the genre, now that there's more diversity out there, but I'd always loved the Disney stuff, despite the classic formula. I'm not huge fan of the Frozen property, but I remember the queer community getting pushback from the straights for hoping that Frozen II would be Elsa's...
  6. Rydgea

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material ReMIX

    While the Disney properties in KH do retain their heteronormative romances (Belle/Beast, Ariel/Eric, the rest of princesses, Mickey/Minnie, etc), it's almost in stark contrast to what KH is willing to explore for OCs, which I'm fine with if it means Riku is never confirmed straight. But yes...
  7. Rydgea

    REVIEW: Super Groupies Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Collection

    Joined a forum to call people idiots using overworked, hot-button keywords just to point out their own ignorance. Go you.
  8. Rydgea

    What would you do in KH?

    Team up with Scrooge and the Restoration Committee to convert all of KH1!HollowBastion into a shweet laser tag.. Or just make the Grand Hall a gaming den.. That or just keep the library as is and ..read in there. Hiding from disturbances in the secret passages. Point being, all that sweet real...
  9. Rydgea

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Honestly... awesome.
  10. Rydgea

    Marvel characters that would fit in KH4

    I don't really fantasize about this, but if I had my choice, my #1 X-Men, Storm, would be a party member or at least thunder-based summon. Edited for context. Just in terms of Sora's displacement, Ororo might be a thematic fit than literal given that mutants are considered outsiders and "don't...
  11. Rydgea

    Would you want Disney to buy more companies?

    Kingdom Hearts has enough untouched properties to explore on the SQUARE end of things. Let's address those first. Also, no.
  12. Rydgea

    Replaying BBS

    I just think it has to do with what suddenly comes up on her radar. It might have happened when she first met Ven, but we don't get a lot of their backstory. Kairi is specifically a Princess of Heart which makes its presence known in a different way, perhaps. Ven was unnaturally made a being of...
  13. Rydgea

    REVIEW: Super Groupies Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Collection

    It is a bit deceptive and you have to think twice about whether they are dress shirts or jackets. Wouldn't mind some of these fashions somehow leaking into the crowds of Quadratum or Missing Link to see them in motion. Even though I usually wear more relaxed clothes (like the first round of SGs...
  14. Rydgea

    REVIEW: Super Groupies Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Collection

    Nice lewks. I actually think the line is pretty successful streetwear. Not too in-your-face. Aqua's jacket is pretty slick, and I like the pleating they did on Terra's. I couldn't pull off that fleshy color though.
  15. Rydgea

    Sora on that 9 to 5 grind

    You're all forgetting Sora's a lazy bum. We've already caught him snoozing down in Quadratum. He's going to panhandle munny while getting some Zs and get a base tan going, like in the good ol' DI days. He might dream and dive into a heart or something, but that's about as high as my...
  16. Rydgea

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    An image I didn't know I needed lol. Seriously, thanks to this franchise's potential involvement, I still dream about seeing Aya in KH someday, despite being least relevant it's ever been. The manga has been known to trim a couple worlds here and there. And occasionally switch up the visiting...
  17. Rydgea

    KINGDOM HEARTS III Manga Volume 3 releasing March 2023 in Japan

    Hnnngh! This is so adorable. I love the Toy Box character designs. Amano made another perfect cover.
  18. Rydgea


    Took me like.. a month. lol All the data battles took me about 2-3 months in total to squash. I wanted to do them on my Critical run and then never again lol I will say though, for as difficult as they were, they were fun, balanced fights. I was honestly impressed by how much enjoyment I got...
  19. Rydgea

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    I'm struggling to remember the issue with KH1's voice over work? The new characters weren't outshined by the veteran Disney cast (or their stand-ins) and vice versa. Unless you mean certain games are standouts and not actors.
  20. Rydgea

    What do we call Norting now?

    The usage of Norting doesn't (or shouldn't) indicate possession or controlling in the same way it did for Terra-Xehanort. As we saw in KHIII, all it really meant that there was a splintering of his heart, resulting in the signifier - their eyes changing color. And those fractured pieces of him...