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    It would be a good recap or introductory to who roxas actually is to anyone who doesnt know the story, or just in general a good introductory trailer for anyone.
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    Ansem the Wise... Gone forever?

    Hey guys just wanna know your thoughts on the possibilities of Ansem the Wise coming back into the story. wither as a whole being or as something to do with the story.
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    whats the point of the cave of rememberance

    Thanks heaps guys much appreciated
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    whats the point of the cave of rememberance

    Hey guys dont shoot me down cus i dont own final mix kh2 but what is this cave of rememberance thing all about. Whats at the end of it??? Thanks
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    Just a thought on Coded

    Okay so coded is coming out on cellphone right. And it may not even reach us for a long time if ever. But... What if coded really doesnt become popular with cellphones and no one ends up buying it. Do ya think that they might develop the game for an alternate platform maybe the wii?
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    Could Kairi's Parents have an answer to the world travel theory?

    Well you know how Kairi used to live in Radient Garden right. When she came. Wouldn't she have come with someone. It could maybe have been her grandmother or her parents cus we saw her grandmother before. So since they traveled from Radient Garden to Destiney Islands dont you think they would...
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    Mathematical 385/2 Days Theory

    wow this is probably the best theory iv ever seen lol Well done . But maybe its just coincidence. But if your right about any of this Good job
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    What do we want to see in the future kingdom hearts game?

    So what kinds of things do you think SE should put into new kh games? In terms of worlds and just general sidequests if you will what should appear? And also why?
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    for the like millionth time whos cooler

    Well i havnt a clue where this thread should go but ti did day this is also the place for general KH discussion lol But here we go, for the millionth time whos cooler? Sora or Riku. let the blood bath commence!:unsure:
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    The alternate reality (of BBS)

    Lol this theory needed allot more thought. It was tatty and full of holes. just like an old umbrella thats gone through a really bad hail storm nice try anyway
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    Future Kingdom Hearts Games

    Out of the three new Kingdom Hearts games(BBS, COD, 358/2 days) that will be coming out What one are you most looking forward to?
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    The alternate reality (of BBS)

    hahahahahaha...nice i guess i could say the same But i only just joined today lol
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    The alternate reality (of BBS)

    nuthin sucks as much as getting a theory busted except for maybe dieing....yea that would suck pretty bad also lol
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    Not me I havnt been able to get myself equipped with the right stuff to play KH2 final mix. It sucks! And has it been confirmed that the enigmatic soldier really is Terra or not?:confused:
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    Possibilities of a Kingdom Hearts 4?

    What does everyone think about the possibilities of a Kingdom Hearts 4? Personally I think that they'll rap it up with Kingdom Hearts 3 because What else is there really to make a story about? And after seven games I think the whole Kingdom Hearts thing would have been pretty exhausted...