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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    o.0 fragmented passage, AtW typing away at his computer in front of sleeping Sora... i think BBS2 is gonna be about AtW putting his research into Sora like he said at the end of BBS
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    well yeah i know that! but i keep switching pages trying to read up on everything, and i'm gettin myself all confuzzled! lol it was just a thought anyways....
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    Why the need to keep the spoiler section?? the game's all ready out! couldn't we technically move all the conversation over to the main BBS page?
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    My MF theory

    if anything MF handles the energy swords like Ven. backwards.
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    Interview Famitsu

    hm... i think its almost like three different alternate universes and sora+riku+?kairi? keep drifting from one universe to another... at least thats what it looks like to me... kinda like that episode of dr who when they drift from one dream world to the next and they cant figure out which one's...
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    release date

    so... yeah... i know nobody knows the actual date yet, but... if BBS is coming out this summer, shouldn't we already know the release date? it seems like a really short amount of time between now and... well... the end of the summer! are they really going to give us a release date only 1 or 2...
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    the red apprentice

    do you mean... AtW????? he's not an apprntice... he's the real ansem... the ansem that you know is really this guy name xehanort... im pretty sure this is who you are talking about...
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    (SPOILERS CODED) The Cloaked Unknown Member

    oh thats right... *slaps self in face* meez so confoosed sumtahms...
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    (SPOILERS CODED) The Cloaked Unknown Member

    i'd say the unknown could be one of five possible choices: 1. it could be xion trying to get people's attention about something or other that has to do with the org/BBS, but then of course coded and days ocur at about the same time so maybe not. 2. it could be ven warning everyone like xion. 3...
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    Kh 358/2 days for DSi?

    i dont know... did anyone else notice how early on the graphics for the game sucked, and then just recently it got really good? nomura did say something about having the game push the limits for the ds so that it could use its full potential, and then like a month or two later the DSi comes out...
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    Wait..Will Mickey recognize Roxas?

    why would mickey avoid the org when hes trying to shut it down? and why was he in the digi-twilight town? you see him there like twice! he must have known about roxas if he was in the one place whose soul purpose was to contain him! (roxas that is)
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    Xion and Zexion

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    Xion- The .....

    fine then... i'll add one more! xion: the result of when nomura gets drunk... really drunk... like, worse then Coded drunk... nomura: one two three four... wait theres one missing... lets add one more! hope nobdy will notice!!! hehe... nobody... (really drunk)
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    Xion and Zexion

    just look at simba!
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    Wait..Will Mickey recognize Roxas?

    yes this is also true! i still think mickey's pulling a lot of strings right now, like he was doing in KH, like with all the nav gummis he was leaving behind.
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    Wait..Will Mickey recognize Roxas?

    i think another thing that contributed to roxas leaving the org is becasue someone DID recognize him as Ven, and maybe he realized what had happened because mikey and roxas DID have a confrontation. so because of this he knew his responsibility as ven. then he met xion, who, as we all know...
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    Xion- The .....

    jeez this is still going on?
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    Xion- The .....

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    I have idea about SR/TVA

    i think DI has more importance than people give it credit for... i mean that was the site of where you fought ansem!! it could be just because sora and riku came from there, but there's got to b more than that! plus there's always that possibility that terra IS in fact xehanort... if terra did...
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    358/2 days. the WHOLE story. just try to burn me!

    personally i think he chose both sora and riku because he saw the potential in both of them, and then he let the keyblade decide out of those two at the opritune time. keyblades are very smart! :lol: