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    Simple Question

    Dude, Einon-san, you're pretty weird. Everything that you have to say here is written in text. So what does it matter how you feel or not? Nobody's gonna really know how you feel, cuz like I said, your responses are text; it's not like they even know what the expression on your face is. And if...
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    this is so weird

    You put exclamation points in front of your "OMG", and you tell me to calm down? ...And like I said before, check out the BHK thread...it's extremely informative and it's not very hard to find.
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    Simple Question

    Wow, einon-san, don't mean to be critical, but that is the most arrogant attitude I've ever seen coming from a dude who can only present himself through text. You didn't talk about his age? Why are you calling him little then? You obviously don't know how tall he is so therefore you're not...
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    this is so weird

    OMG i swear the whole topic of BHK had been beaten down infinite times before. Before you guys start posting extremely repetitive stuff about him, go check out the stupid BHK thread beforehand. And btw, that quote "He looks just like you." came from a concept video. In other words, it could...
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    Was chain of memories really neccessary?

    COM will probably be referred to several times in KH2. Which is probably why one doesn't have to play COM in order to play KH2, because one will probably know what happened in COM anyway.
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    Duel-Wielding Uknown

    Wasn't all this talked about in another earlier thread? It involved both KL and Keybladeshards, as well as muffinman. Can we make a sticky saying that the DD video was a concept and it most likely has no bearing on KH2?
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    Riku's fighting style is so much cooler, even though sometimes you don't always get the preset cards that you want (except for the last battles...hehehe)
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    Official BHK topic Tripple reborn (again)

    the fact that he has something to do with Sora is obvious enough, but anyway... There are two things about him that people commonly discuss. One of them, everyone (especially the "noobs") wishes it were true, and it seems to answer a lot, but the chances of it being true are practically zero...
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    Give one part of the game script where it mentions namine voluntarily confessing she put in fake memories and I'll give. And as for you, Muffinman, you are almost just as recent a member as most of the people around here, even if you are earlier than me, so you really don't have any right to...
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    Namine rearranged the memories. You should check the ending again.
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    Everything is coming back to me, the true...

    this is slightly off topic, but it's answering something mentioned before. Namine did not insert false memories into Sora's heart, nor did she destroy any of Sora's memories. She merely rearranged them (like rearranging links in a chain...hence the name Chain of Memories...get it?).
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    Card Thrower! Nice!!!!

    It's like that guy said, you don't really know what he's gonna do with those cards...besides we already had a thrower: larxene, even though she threw knives, it's still the same idea. Another thrower would be boring.
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    chances are, he'll be using those cards for like some summoning purpose or something, because throwing them is too unoriginal...i mean, you could just as easily throw knives (like what larxene did); there's no reason to use another throwing-type weapon again. Although, if it turns out that he...
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    Sora's New Magic

    dude ax3l, ur answer made no sense. aero doesn't absorb; if it did, you would regain hp (which u don't). aero and its upgrades only reduce the damage u receive. Aeroga is a special case, where certain enemy attacks are deflected, like defender's fireball or hades' fireball. reflect has to be...
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    The Superior is.....

    Enigmatic Man all the way. Why? Because not much is known of him yet, and the truly mysterious ones (like Axel) are usually the ones who drastically affect the plot big time. Although the evidence for this is minimal, there is almost just as little or no evidence to suggest that DiZ could be the...