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    where to buy kh2 novel?

    Whoa, wait a sec...are you talking about the manga 'cuz if so--i had NO idea that the novels were out! 0.0 I thought the release date was august 1st? ~> Oh by the way, check out Barnes and nobles (that's where i get all of me mangas)
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    Final Mix+ Cover Released!!

    There is a very good chance that it will be released in the U.S. regardless of the fact that they never released Kingdom Hearts Final Mix outside of Japan. It could of been that they didn't know how much of a success it would have been (since it was only part one) but by looking at the...
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    Where's Riku???

    weird...i always thought that , that pic never had a meaning...''dive into heart''...does it mean like da power is within da heart...?
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    Where's Riku???

    they just simply want riku's first appearance to be mysterious and stuff. to make us make concusions on where he might be or which unknown he is...
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    Where's Riku???

    actually, i really think that unknown on da left IS riku. if u zoom in on this unknown's face (i tried it once) u can see his hair....it looks like riku's hair.
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    *squints eyes* yea those look like keyblades...hmm. it kinda just looks like regular keys. well, i cant say that cuz i wasnt there..but hey thanks for da pic! ^_^
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    Walt Disney Knowing about Kingdom hearts Is it real!

    uhh...i cant see da pics..
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    devil may cry 3....

    ok, i heard alot of good ratings and comments on this game,and i reallly wanna try it out. the only thing is i've never played the 1st one or the 2nd one. soo, i looked online to see where i can find dmc (the reviews from the ppl were great) and i waz like ''ok im definally gonna get this...
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    i hope axel doesn't die! yea i also think he'll end up helping sora. hopefully it ends like that then him dieing!
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    i have a feeling he wants sora's heart...whatever he's up 2 i'm defianally lookin' forward 2 seeing it.
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    axel is one of my favorite characters and i don't think i've seened a thread all about him yet.(if there waz one plz dont flame me,k? ^_^) from interviews and wat we have seen in chain of memories, axel is up 2 somethin' big in kh2. soo...post any theorys u have on him here or interviews that...
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    Favorivte Heartless From KH1

    angel star is a pretty heartless and is 1 of my favorites.
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    Favorite character in COM?

    i love axel, riku,zexion, and sora. umm waz i only supossed 2 pick 1? o.O
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    lion king lilo and stichand steam willie confrimed!!!

    i hate lilo and stich. -_-'. woa sora can talk 2 lions in kh2?! O.O. and steamboat willie...? wat da heck is that? *thinks*
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    Ruku or BHK

    love both of them! i'll pick....riku!
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    Riku or Sora

    i choose sora. sorry riku! lol.
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    axel's deeper story

    *goes crazy cuz she loves axel* i can't wait! 4 all we no he could be planning 2 kill some1. he's so cool.
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    what unknown iz Your favorite?

    axel, he's da best.
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    the enigmatic man theory

    EM an axel r both very cool and interesting characters. i always figured that axel could probably have plans to kill sora or something tragic.....idk just a guess. if u think about it they both kinda da same..... there definally a huge part in kh.