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    NA release date?

    gameinformer says square told them it will be released this summer. i hope this isent true :(
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    Is BBS too easy?

    ^ this im 18 iv imported Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 1 and 2, Birth by Sleep as well as Jump Ultimate stars
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    Is BBS too easy?

    playing as ven is rly hard. other than that its not much harder than KH2
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    do you think braig should return( posibly be Spoilers)

    i agree. braig is alot like ocelot... i hope the plot of KH3 isent as fucked up as MGS4 tho... although BBS seems to be shaping up that way lol.
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    Terra's conversation with Riku translated?

    i really truly believe after this that master xeahanort is the silver haired guy. and its a neat twist that he came from DI
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    ya i was just re waching the fight and noticed it... i was like omg that makes sense lol
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    this was probably mentioned b4 but do you guys think that during the boss fight with xemnas, the part were he was wearing the armor is symbolic that he is terra? or do u think it was just to look cool?
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    oh hi it's your pal shamdeo bringing you

    im so insainly jealous... but enjoy it lol
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    (Spoiler) Braig

    Re: (Spoiler) Briag face getting cut this^ probably the most violent scene in KH next to vexens death in Re:CoM
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    Has anyones play-asia orders been shipped yet?

    mine hasent its still in the "preparing order" phase. anyone else have this issue? iv had it preordered for like 2 weeks now ll
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    This game is not for children anymore

    idk if kids would like it now seeing as namoura has taken a tip from kojima and made the story a giant clusterfuck of confusion. well they should at least enjoy the gameplay and the disney worlds
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    kingdom hearts episode 3 birth by sith *watch this now*

    that was rly funny not gonna lie
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    i dont see why its a big deal, does this rly ruin the game for u guys lol
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    i wish u could get MX's keyblade. thing is badassed
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions i ment its like a tease that he has one hp bar but hes so damn hard lol
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions he only has one HP bar? thats just fucked up lmao
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    Vanitas (spoilers)

    that makes sense, thanks for pointing that out :)
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    ya this is bullshit, hopefully there will be an explanation. but than again, too someone not like us, people who follow and research this shit, wouldn't notice or care so they might not explain it.
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    Vanitas (spoilers)

    so we now know what vanitas looks like under the mask. my question is, whats the significance? why does he look like sora? it really makes no sense to me lolCloudStrifeSmile
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    "Birth by Sleep"

    i believe that the title means that because of the ven "going to sleep" the conflict of the main series is "born"