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    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I was in 6th grade I believe when I saw the ads on tv and I just LOVED it. I was the first at my school to get it. Yea, I was a trend setter back in the day :)
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    Another Xion theory

    Every game has to have its light moments or else no one would want to play it. Hell, even FFX, a game based upon a Spiral of freaking Death and Destruction had its funny (or maybe truly funny) moments. THe lighthearted elements of KH are what make it so unique and fun to play. I still...
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    my 14 theory

    if kairi were to make a nobody when the islands disappeared, then how come her body was still her body, dragged around by Riku and Maleficent? I don't agree with this.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Soundtrack

    I found Sanctuary in english on some KH fan site, just google it and it should pop up somewhere.
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    The Seven Dwarfs

    Summons in KH1 were almost useless IMO, and the ones in KH2 were simply required if you wanted 100% completion. So they were still basically useless haha
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    Maleficent dragon form

    Yea, I remember her being shocked when Riku used it on her, then she was like "The darkness...this supreme POWER!!!" Cue transformation
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    Maleficent dragon form

    Maybe she was more powerful then or something....or what he said ^
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    just for boredom

    It might not be that unreasonable to have Pooh bear make an appearance in the wood. Remember how in KH1 Merlin explained that he just found it one day and had it refurbished? Maybe in an attack by MX or something it gets messed up a bit, resulting in the pages being scattered for KH1.
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    Need Some Input

    I kinda want to bring back the destati part...because Sora and Roxas have a fundamental difference in theirs - Sora was swallowed by his shadow while Roxas was not. I think that to truly "pass" one, you must let yourself be swallowed up. I think that it's ones heart trying to say that the...
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    If we get to choose which characters

    Because they're just dumb and it really makes sora much less of a man/hero - he can only dual wield when he has someone else inside him? Roxas should've kicked his ass!(ANd he would've if Sora hadn't cheated) Not only that but they were ridiculously overpowered (except maybe wisdom, but then...
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    Keyblade Growth System

    I agree. Take for example FF X-2, the only equipment you got to change was their accessories, their damage was formulated using only their STR and MAG determined by level and dressphere. I think that the keyblades will be just for looks in BBS.
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    Sora and Roxas theory

    Remember how Vexen described Twilight Town in CoM? It's the memories from the other side of his heart. IMO, that's enough evidence to say that every person has this other side of the heart and thus has a nobody like being inside them. Another factor is like what iXenon is hinting at, that...
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    Zack in Kingdom Hearts BBS

    I'd love to have Zack in the game just cause he deserves more face time IMO. Cloud's just a confused dolt.
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    If we get to choose which characters

    I"m gonna play Terra first, then Aqua, then Ven. I'm saving the best for last, mostly cause I'm a huge roxas fan (duh!) and they have some connection and I want to be able to identify it as soon as I'm done his story so yeah
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    keyholes in bbs

    They weren't reopened in KH2, those were gates the worlds created that allowed Sora and co to move freely between them w/o corridors of darkness like the Org. Yensid told us as much.
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    keyholes in bbs

    I don't think so, because there are several worlds that are confirmed that we know fell to darkness in KH1, or by it anyways, so it'd be impossible unless locking the keyholes isn't as permanent as we think, which is also highly suspect. So I think not.
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded *with images*

    I'm in the boat that it might be cool, but I seriously doubt the game ever gettin here unless it's on a port. I still have nightmares about the NGage *shudder*
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    Where's the Armor

    Due to the nature of armor, I'm more prone to think that you'll get a quest to get some materials for it or something and get it all made at once. even then, I think it'll only be for the last boss fights or that scene we already got.
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    D.S.? Who is he?

    To look cool and give him a unique look, perhaps?
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    BBS symbol

    SO what, exactly, would happen to a soul normally when a person dies? Does it go to Kingdom Souls or soemthing? And as the guy above me said, we would've seen them before as souls have been leaving bodies for a long time and nothing has shown up.