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    Final Boss?

    ignore the Ansem partners i did the for something to laugh about I personally think its going to be Sora, Riku, Mickey versus ansem
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    Final Boss?

    Ansem gets three partners though, Darth Piglet, Ninja Assassin Barbie, and Flipsy
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    Final Boss?

    Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, BHK, Axel, DiZ, Cloud, Leon, Auron, Rikku, Yuna, Hurcules, Mulan, Aladdin, Beast, Peter Pan, Tarzan, Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow, Tron, and Vincent Versus Ansem 23 actually
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    Final Boss?

    i know its unreasonable but its a cool idea none the less
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    Final Boss?

    i thought of another one Ansem teams up with Bowser, Dr.Eggman, Freiza, and Gannondorf to destroy Sora, Sonic, Link, Goku, and Mario the perfect plan
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    Final Boss?

    Joke: DiZ transforms into his true form Devil DiZ Using the seven Heart Emeralds then Sora transformes into Super Sora while averyone else is frozen because DiZ had to pass gas. You then have to use Trinity Spear to defeat him. Real: Ansem again but with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, BHK, Riku, DiZ...
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    Just thought I'd point out something

    In one of the older trailers 6 order members come out of black orbs I'm just saying this because i keep hearing people say there is 5 so for people who know dont flame me and for the people who dont well there ya go *cough*like in the kairi character section*cough*
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    Pride Rock, time difference

    flashback makes the most sense
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    A thought

    it could be like final mix when they added more story plots or like the american kh where they put in extra bosses
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    Who's your fave on KH2

    Sora: because i can relate to him we sorta act alike Riku: dark and mysteries Axel: Its the fire powers King Mickey: because he's Mickey Cloud: I want to use his Omnislah Leon: The Gunblade Bhk: dual keyblades Jack Sparrow: cause he's "Captain" Jack Sparrow DiZ: mysteries
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    The best org. member so far

    nobody need say more
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    just noticed something

    in the new Lion Kings pics donald and goofy are wearing their original hats but in other pics and trailers they're wearing their kingdom hearts clothes so if anyone knows something please tell me
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    World I think should be in kh2

    I say Mighty Ducks
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    1: ansem is the final boss again and DiZ and or Axel will sacrifice himself or take an extremely strong hit to stop ansem trying to kill/hurt Sora and company 2: Axel will turn good 3: Sora, Riku, Mickey, BHK, Axel, Donald, Goofy, DiZ and hopfully Cloud and Leon/Squall will fight Ansem
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    who would you rather fight alongside with?

    thats tough all of them are great choices but i pick Auricku Bhk Sparrow
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    KH2 side quests

    characters that i think should at least have their own side quest: Riku, King Mickey, Axel, Cloud, Leon, BHK, Auron, (and Vincent if he is in the game) btw that means i want them to be playable
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    this is probobly a stupid question

    thought it was wind and fire wheels(cough)
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    About Squall

    this should probably be in a KH forum but did Square change his name for KH and if so why (never played a FF game sorry, so i dont know if this happened in a FF game already)
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    Timeless River question

    [/B] right..........................
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    Final Fantasy

    Can someone tell me waht FF characters have been comfirmed also heavily rumered ones would help to, thanx in advance