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  1. brokenheartless

    Ripping My Heart Out ~ A short How-to by an Expert (Read: Short Story)

    Razor, vicious claws sprang from Ethan’s hand as silver silk moon beams highlighted the midnight fur newly coating his hands. Seconds ago he appeared just like any other human but a bestial emotion, hidden deep in his heart, unknown and un-understandable to a human mind ravaged his soul until...
  2. brokenheartless

    I think you're cool.

    Hey Guys! Yes, you are cool. You read the title right! want to be friends? I've been stalking this forum for a while and recently became a member. A little about myself: I'm not actually going to write about myself just because very few people actually read it. SO! Instead of you scanning...
  3. brokenheartless

    Hiding in the Most of These ~ Were-wolf Horror

    Final Revision brokenheartless 11/1/11 Hiding In the Most of These “Hey! You! Grandpa! Forget to pay?” Leering, the burly bus-driver addressed me. Slowly turning in the bus’ cramped, dirty isle, I locked the cheating slab of meat’s squinty, beady eyes with my impassionate silver gaze...
  4. brokenheartless

    Theory on the Shocking Ending for KH3D

    I had to re-read that four times before I could imagine that...Anyway, isn't every Somebody's Nobody have the same name just re-arranged and with an added "x"?