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  1. AleMustDie

    About the play island and the mainland... (Fun discussion)

    BTW , the Main Inslad sure is important. I dont know if Sora came to visit their parents during the various KH, when returned on the Islands Neither if them are important to the KH Story, who knows. But , probably the woman who s calling him for the Dinner is his Mother. I cannot find the...
  2. AleMustDie

    About the play island and the mainland... (Fun discussion)

    I think I read it here on KHInsider, in some interview. Some year ago. But better ask at the Staff for the confirm...
  3. AleMustDie

    About the play island and the mainland... (Fun discussion)

    It's not weird , but probably they needed to hide something. Like some resident... If I recall well, the one who call Sora for the Dinner is the aunt. But who knows, in ML we could see more.
  4. AleMustDie

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    It's Flantastic but, there is Yozora in the Manga too? The Verum Rex 's Opening
  5. AleMustDie

    Help/Support ► The 'Make-You-Feel-Better' Thread

    Get motivated changing the Present for a better Future. I like think in this way. The changes slowly occur, but after long time the change is significant. Also, I like to revise KH Series Story to feel better. Since I 've forgotten many paragraphs Dont really know why...
  6. AleMustDie

    KHUX ► Is Strelitzia a simp?

    The real question is of who Strelitzia will fall in love now on.
  7. AleMustDie

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Too dark. Interesting Combat System , but is a bit too Action. I'll give it a try. Need to try the Demo before. Not Final Fantasy Not Kingdom Hearts Not Devil May Cry But the mix could be intriguing
  8. AleMustDie

    About the outfits... (Fun discussion)

    I wonder if Ventus and Roxas will look the same, I mean about a new haircut or somenthing
  9. AleMustDie

    Post Your Picture Thread III (Attack of the Selfies)

    Haven't recover yet the pieces from the Final World
  10. AleMustDie

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I have to agree, got it on PS4 but still need to do on PS3... The only thing I hate is the Level 99 Trophy with Sora and Riku, and also the RNG... but probably the easiest Platinum for KH Series. ( Did not play MoM yet) By the way: Saix is one of the worst XIII Limit Cut Bosses
  11. AleMustDie

    I just noticed something...(Fun discussion)

    I always thought the Darkside itself was strange in some ways. Always curious about his face reveal. But like Inferno and Inferno [chi] , it could just be a special one. By the way that one, the one in the Final World, looks different . The KHIV's Darkside looked really cool..
  12. AleMustDie

    Axel Coat (Super-Groupies)

    M or L? I like more tight, so M? But I really dont know how are the sizes there, in Japan I'm 176 cm x 80 Kg, at the moment, LOL Any of you bought something on their Official Site? Axel
  13. AleMustDie

    KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX- OSTs available on streaming services

    Still waiting for a Physical Re-release of the entire Collection. But definitely good news.
  14. AleMustDie

    kh 4 worlds

    Corona Kingdom (Well, I really liked that in KHIII, but don't know there are chance to see it again in some ways), LESS Pixar, TWEWY, Olympus Coliseum (or sort of Arenas) The Lion King, but with Sora in Human Form. And really don't know... just let me play MORE KH Original Worlds
  15. AleMustDie


    Yeah, really hard for me. I died like 500 times on Critical. I beat him after 2 or 3 days of practice...
  16. AleMustDie

    Feelings about the 20th Anniversary so far

    It's OK, KHIV revelated soon enough. But ML: Just need to more details from it, a new Trailer in 2022 would 've been appreciated. Oh, and I was expecting some OST Collection from the previous KHs... but nothing happened
  17. AleMustDie

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    Well, yes. But also they added true ending with Re Mind. I just want a Game with more content from the beginning. Not only DLC or Final Mix. I want more Boss Fight like Data XIII, but in the Story directly ...
  18. AleMustDie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    II think less than half game is in Quadratum. 1/3? Or less Disney probably cannot give carte blanche to Nomura . I to be honest I want a classic KH. So, Yozora was right when told Sora that is not what I look like.... Because Strelitzia seems a bit much different too
  19. AleMustDie

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Quadratum, what to say. Realistic