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    aqua's keyblade change

    i was looking at the new scans and in the second one (http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/3856/1v9kiqsw1.jpg) keyblade looks different than in the Room of sleep video at around 0:45 or in KHwiki's rendition of it...
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    Days manga cover

    i think it's awesome! except axel's whole ice cream licking thing.... go organization moogle!!!!!
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    World Limit Commands

    i don't really use Limits that much, but i liked mulan's, riku's and aurons, but those are really the ones i ever use.
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    Best Org.13 Member for Days Mission Mode

    why does the poll have more than 100%? (that or i can't add...)
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    Org. XIII alternate route to wholeness

    If in Another Report it is stated that when a nobody and corresponding heartless are destroyed, the original being becomes whole again, why didnt' the organization members just find their heartless, kill them and then make sora or someone else kill them and then become whole again instead of...
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    Monstro:most confusing thing ever?

    I hated monstro probably the music too (i don't remember cuz i havent played kingdom hearts I in a long time. still at the end of the world :P) but i was probably walking in circles for about five hours in total before i found where i needed to go, fell off a platform walked in circles a few...
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    what did you most like about kh2

    i liked TWTNW, drive forms (mostly valor & final) and some of the new abilites
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    358/2 english demo

    Cool! Makes me wish I had a DS.... The first one might be old
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    Kingdom hearts Europe site

    i couldn't find it, could you post a link? but i dont think it would be majorly different...
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    358/2 Days Box art

    Hi, i'm new here, so sorry if this has been posted before. on the box art of 358/2 days, on the far right of the cover(to the top-right of mickey) there is half of a green tree, is that supposed to be the forest in Twilight Town where he first sees Riku/Ansem or is it just a tree there for the...
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    Your lowest level

    i think it was somewhere around 48-53 for me on normal