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    Caution- A powerful Heartless is near!

    I only had trouble the first time with the zip liner or whatever its called but overwise they're all like between normal and a boss battle.
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    Nobody's Nobody

    i wanna know more about lea...
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    Giant red heartless thing

    wtf? ive never heard of that happening b4:confused:
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    Did anyone dislike Xion?

    She's cool i guess. Idk. More help to me than Kairi and Namine ever were.:31:
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    Sora Vs. Roxas

    Idc. :35: The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 25 characters.
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    Input needed

    It takes a while. Long game.
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    Too much revealed.

    Dude, you could've figured out most of the plot from the second game and COM
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    If They Were Playable...

    Ansem. That would be sthweet.
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    Marluxia's Element

    technically Death isn't an "element". But the scythe may be more towards the whole reapering of the earth instead of souls thing so the plant power of the scythe makes sense. Wow, I hope I'm making sense...<.<
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    Your favourite 'Kairi'?

    Xion. She's actually a fighter. No offense to the other two. I just prefer fighters.
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    an addiction

    Heehee I agree, I did the same.:36:
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    Favorite magic

    Fire and cure but I don't use magic too much.
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    What Worlds Do You Think Should Have Been in Days?

    Ok never ever do Atlantica again unless I'm actually going to fight something without having to sing about it...seriously...
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    how long did it take you..

    2 weeks but then again I had to study a lot the first week for an AP exam...I thought it was long enough for a DS game I guess...It's always kinda of bittersweet when you finish one though...
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    Anxiousness sets in

    heh it was on my list but i got it early for my birthday this month. But I too desire a DSi...I still have the first DS and one of the hinges is broken. Kinda crappy...
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    How to make Days better(Part 1)

    Wish my friends would hurry up and get the game so we could do that
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    Easiest boss

    I agree, I was wondering if the carrier ghost could even do anything because it never made one motion towards me.
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    Easiest boss

    Crimson Pranksters. They weren't challeging, they were just tedious.
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    Best World in 358/2 Days

    I agree. I like really big detailed worlds where there's lots to explore and Twilight Town doesn't disapoint.
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    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    xigbar or saix. speed and a high crit. ratio are friend to me