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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    I clearly don't like how people need to look at a fictional characters boobs to get turned on, to me thats a little creepy, but yeah I probably will stare just to see if they do jiggle.
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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    I think its haliraous that they even notice her bewbs jiggling, but ok if they noticed it then there probably going to make Aqua bewbs flat >.<
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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    well they must not be working great if they put that in there description.
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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    Isn't that what braws are for? I mean you would think S.E. would of given the girls braws so they don't jiggle. I said Jiggle.
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    ESRB Rating Summary for BBS

    BEWBSSSS lol wow I can't believe thats even in there lol. I hope they don't censor or change anything if they do then I guess KH will be lost for me.
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    SQEX goodies: BBS Keyblade Keychains!! (pre-order now available)

    Re: SQEX goodies: BBS Keyblade Keychains!! I need a keyblade so I can make a movie lol. just kidding I would buy one but money is tight on me.
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    BBS rated E10+?

    I will thinkt hey will keep it in because they are adding more stuff to the usa version, so I wouldn't worry about taking some scenes out.
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    Hi everybody!

    Hi everybody I'm Vanille and I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy 13 as you can tell heh, so yeah I just wanted to stop by and say hello!