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    keyblade choosers

    riku uses darkness but fights for light
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    Can Terra Control Unverse?

    they mistake terra from vanitas
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    [bbs] aqua+xemnas theory

    crazyest theory i never heard
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    just an idea...

    xehanort heartless is the first heartless
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    A Roxas/Ven connection theory

    this is a good theory and makes sense
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    vanitas is not a good guy
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    that severs no purpose at all
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    Terra and Lingering Sentiment Connection?

    yes their is a deep connections between the to
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    playing order

    i like the order with terra ven then aqua
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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    it could be true but just dont know
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    What if Vanitas is Master Eraqus?

    this is dumpest theory i ever heard
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    Whose Keyblade is Terra holding?

    a keyblade that he made with wood
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    Aqua and Ven?

    he talking about saving them for vanitas
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    .05 second Scene in Trailer

    he is going to try to save aqua and ven
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    Ven IS Roxas

    dont see how sora will lose his body
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    Ventus "infant" scene

    ven see something in the shy
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    final bosses for each character

    i think terra will fight master xehanort ven will fight vanitas dont know who aqua will fight
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    The freaking Castle in Radiant Garden!

    i dont think so but maybe it could happen
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    Unversed are "prototypes" of Heartless.

    yea they could be protpyes
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    Braig at the Gathering

    yea i saw that to he want the keyblade