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    Fanfiction ► La Compilation (Kingdom Hearts: AU Infinities One Shot Series)

    Re: La Compilation des Histoires de Reino Corazones Good stuff Ziz, I havent written a fanfic on here in an age you might've inspired to do a new one! Keep it up :lol:
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    Friggin hell space paranoids was terrible! But i actually did like Kh2 more than Kh1:embarassed:
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    Cracking My Knuckles

    Oh my god it feels good but too many people have been telling me "OOOh It gives you arthritis" But does it? I don't think so, And if it doesnt and people are just telling me to stop because they think its annoying, It feelss good so i do it! That is a good line if it feels good, do it...
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    Trainwrecks and ... stuff

    This is my first time in the "religion" forum. i am going to need somebody quite religious to answer this? Why does god cause trainwrecks? Is it that trains are man made and not is fault? If so what about avalanches and whirlwinds??
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    MY xion theory

    Im probably very wrong but we've only seen xion with the keyblade in short videos and screenshots Kairi in TWTNW weilded a keyblade for a while is it possible that she is just "borrowing" it ? Or is it different for KK?
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    Psp 3000?

    All this talk of a new model of the ds and the psp are finally coming true So wat happens to days and bbs if they come out before the games come out? Or would the consoles be a loooong time coming?
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    More precise

    Will the europe date for bbs be basicly the same as na|??
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    More precise

    At the moment the japanese release date is 2009. I am wondering if the veterans of waiting for kingdom hearts games think that will get pushed further because it did happen with 358/2 days. Thanks, D:< :D! -_-
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop Theyll probably just update the date as we come nearer to it
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    "Friends" of Roxas?

    It was probably like casual friends in the office relationship of some sort
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    Fill me in on 358/2 days pleease

    I have not been to this forum for quite a long time and have some questions: Firstly does xion come at all from kairi? being that namine is her nobody then that is a bit weird Secondly why does she want to escape from twilight town is it because the org want to become whole again but she does...
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    Look who is back because theres a new trailer

    I havent been on here in ages so upon watching the new BBS and 358/days trailer i was jumping about with anticipation. But theres one question.... Has it been announced for europe or america yet?
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    Who here still plays this game?

    I play on it about 3 times a week now just tryin to level up the forms!
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    Super Power!

    Pretty simple! If you had the ability to do anything what would it be?
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    WoW this forum is quiet! So do you think we won't be able to get new forms of keyblade cuz they don't have keychains?
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Betrayal

    Yh but i have a feeling a twist about halfway into the book will make evrybody angry :-(
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    Will BBS be better because it's darker?

    Yannis your getting me excited ! This watanabe sounds like a very troubled man and what's this... forgot disney WOOHOO!!!!
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    Of course he's a sad character he doesn't even exist, he supposedly gets bullied by seifer he's in trouble with his best friend hayner. What i don't understand is he was trying to kill Sora and then 15 minutes later he was happy to be sucked into him
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    Will BBS be better because it's darker?

    Bottom line . Kingdom hearts could always do with a hint of darkness to shake the haters saying " Ewwww disney movies softy slushy love!" Aqua couldn't have a nobody could she because it would've taken the keyblade Sora/Roxas And it shows her keyblade with her armour in the room of sleep