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  1. Keyblademasterbb

    Nomura: "We'd like to put BBS on PlayStation Network buuuuuut..."

    You've got to to be kidding right? Why in the hell would they release BBS vol. 2 on the ps3 when they haven't even made KH3 yet all side games except for re: chain of memories have been released on handhelds why would they put BBS on the psp then put vol.2 on the ps3 that wouldn't any sense...
  2. Keyblademasterbb

    Nomura: "We'd like to put BBS on PlayStation Network buuuuuut..."

    Update: There are some reports that say that Nomura states that Disney and Utada are not what are putting the game on hold, but that he has something else (he wouldn't specify) that he's working on first. I bet he working on releasing Kingdom hearts and Kingdom hearts 2 on psn because if you...
  3. Keyblademasterbb

    command help

    thx i feel so dumb i hope they will have an answer
  4. Keyblademasterbb

    command help

    what do i need to make wind cutter and solo ars 25 charcters
  5. Keyblademasterbb

    I've seen it !!!!

    I have seen the new birth by sleep trailer my friend has it on his iphone and he says he might upload it on youtube. Oh god it was freaking awesome
  6. Keyblademasterbb

    Fears about Birth by Sleep

    :36::36::36::cry::cry::wink::wink::cool::tongue::tongue:I hope its more like kh1 because the story was there kh2 it's story wasn't really important it kinda seemed like it was a " what can we do to make gameplay better but you left the story behind which kinda sucks" uh i really hope it's...
  7. Keyblademasterbb

    bbs leveling up

    Dude trip6996 thst good question but whatever the case maybe it will still be a good game