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    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Gonna look great on my tablet, just waiting for them to confirm controller support.
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    General feeling towards the game for now?

    Looking forward to the gameplay.
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing-Link

    If that's the case... Brain, if he's related to Eraqus, would probably be his father and not an ancestor.
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    Leaked info from Nomura's extended Famitsu interview

    Cool, looking forward to the full interview.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    You guys realize that there are action games that are good on mobile, right? Also Missing Link will probably be playable with a controller like First Soldier.
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    News ► KH 20th anniversary event Q&A masterpost

    Looking forward to playing Missing Link since it's actually an ARPG like the main series. Looks like the devs have been making steady progress on all of their projects. Good to see.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    God, you people never stop whining. Take the complaints to the Kingdom Hearts social media accounts, not here.
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    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III Original Soundtrack releasing November 11, 2020!

    Hilarious watching faux music snobs discuss game OSTs.
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Guys, the CGI in KH3 was done in UE4. Nomura stated this.
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    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    Based Nomura back in the director's chair, baby!
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    pretty sure kairi is stronger because she's fighitng to protect sora... just like sora/riku/ventus/aqua/etc found inner wells of strength when they were fighting for their loved ones. Type less, and think more. All of you.
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    News ► Square Enix Hiring Various Positions in HD Development for the Kingdom Hearts series

    Read, people. They wouldn't be looking for people with experience developing games on PS4/X1 to make a Switch game. The project these hiring ads for is for PS4/X1 or maybe even next gen since those would be the closest approximation.
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    10th in Japan, and 9th here in North America. Time zones are much like world lines.
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    Glad we can see eye to eye on this.:)
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    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS III Re:Mind trailer releasing next week

    Reminder to you so-called intellectuals official ads or trailers are in no way "spoilers". If you want to go in blind, don't watch the trailers for the game.
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    9/3 Union χ JP Update: Message from Nomura, 4th Anniversary

    7 blank spaces.... coincidentally disney+ is made of seven characters. funny, that.
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC

    Looking forward to the limit cut bosses and secret boss. Hope they'll add some new combo modifiers to base Sora or even just give him some of the ones from Second Form.
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    News ► Nomura shares first details of Kingdom Hearts III DLC

    According to some Japanese translation, the Limit DLC will contain multiple bosses. I'm guessing this is where the vaunted Organization battles will be. KH3 more complete than KH2FM in less than a year, amazing.