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    Help/Support ► All you studious students! Come hither.

    rewrite your notes from class over and over til you know it that helps me
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    What level?

    50 i think ..not sure ...
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    any lifehouse fans here i am not a big fan but still a fan
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    wait til they break up then kick george's ass for mary
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    The kh 2 teaser when sora goes chargin to one of the org.members

    i loved that clip and hated that is was not in kh2
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    kicking George's ass is a bad idea ...
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    Help/Support ► Your friends' girlfriend?

    just tell her how you fell or you will regret it for the rest of your life
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    the spider-pig fanclub

    all you have to do is put spiderpig in your sig (like the lettuce club) and your in members twilightsniper jump lycian wolf epic nature samantha 16 darkly aesthetic frozen fate ultima-keyblade qwe suzakuseru
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    xbox 360 problem

    my xbox360 wont show up on the tv no sound or anything all of the cords are plug in rightand the tv is a new Hd tv ........... whats wronge
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    where to buy kh2 novel?

    Big bookstores, i found my at wal-mart
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    Did anyone watch it ,it still is my favorite anime i wish they would play it again
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    Help/Support ► The Age Old Problem: Parents and Video Games

    wow am i glad my parents dont hate video games 2 months ago my mom brought me a xbox360 for playing hockey
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    songs you hate

    i hate girlfriend by avil lavine(sp) that no no no rehab song and before he cheats carry underwood cant think of more
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    the end of red vs blue

    what do u think of the last ep of red vs blue. i love the show if you have not saw it yet go to www.redvsblue.com cick on the big 100 then cick on red vs blue ep 100
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    new pokemon fc

    restate your fc or put down your new one mine new one is 3351 0714 4957
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    HP Gauge

    put on scan and lock on to the enemy
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    any hockey fans here

    i am a huge hockey fan if your a hockey fan who do u want to win i wanted atl to win but they got knocked out
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    most annoying boss from Metal Gear soild

    the most annoying boss to me from metal gear would be vamp from mgs2 because he would never die
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    Help/Support ► [Can't Think Of Decent Thread Title]

    hang in their man life gets better