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    Kingdom Hearts II manga cover vol. 4

    Yeah I seen it before. But thanks for putting it up.
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    Terra's Eyes

    I think we understand what yellow eyes mean now! Please stop posting it. And anyway, I don't think they would do the same thing as before, why? Because even if it's with different people, it's the same plot so. There has to be something different with Birth By Sleep, OTHER than the people and...
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    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    It comes out for the USA 12/2 and they are still looking for the voices from what I read on here.
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    I know nothing around here, for I am still very new.

    Hello all. I know that you can see my name and that I know a little about computers. I however don't know a lot about this website. And would like to learn more about it. I also would like to make new friends, so far I may have one too three. And the one Q for all of you. How many are so ready...
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    rikus nobody

    No, it's not. Yes your still alive, but you just arn't fully you anymore.
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    358/2 days. the WHOLE story. just try to burn me!

    How do we know he picked Riku? Why not someone else, someone that hasn't came to the game that may have died?
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    I have idea about SR/TVA

    They may or may not. We don't know, we didn't make the game. But I wouldn't think they would have any of the three from DI. I mean why would they?
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    rikus nobody

    He never lost his heart, only his body was taken over, but he was still there when it happened. And for the part of when he was behend the door to kingdom hearts, I think after being freed, he most of ran there or something. But he never died.
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    358/2 days. the WHOLE story. just try to burn me!

    I think you need to look a little more into all the little details they gave us. K?
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    terra falls because of aqua and ven

    Re: aqua and ven in cinderella I don't see it. Ven/Aqua orAqua/Terra, I don't think anything more than sisterly/brotherly love.
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    Xehanort's Past

    What I think is because this is the past, than he would be different than he would be now- today right? You get stronger as you get older than once your at your peek you go down once more. I truly think Xehanort once was Terra. They look and sound alike and than he could always be his unbirth...
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    Sora's memories -----> Xion

    I see what you mean! I remember that part and I have see the video many times... I think you may be right.
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    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    So it takes like only a few months to do the voices? Yes I want it badly, but they havn't done all the voices from what I know...