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    Kingdom Hearts Breaks Million Mark in North Americ

    no surprise at all. Heh, keep buying! maybe SE will pass bungie and the halo enterprise... that would be purely awesome.
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    hmm... i would never use it just to beat the game, but after beating standard 100% (dang, it was hard), i'd probably just mess around and have fun with it.
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    Final Form

    well, all i can say is, to keep trying. it was totally random for me, and i wasn't trying, i just did it. I don't know what to say, just keep trying.
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    I hate you Xenmas!!! I HATE YOU!

    forgive me for sounding so dumb, but i'm fighting him, and only have cura... when did you get curaga? i've done everything but atlantica...?
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    Ultima Weapon

    hmm.... are the nobody drops just random from any nobody? i already have the Nobody Lance, but not the shield.
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    Save the King

    ahh! i never got the ultima recipe! I was wondering where that was!! *goes back frantically, leaving TWTNW and his Xigbar problems*
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    Save the King

    hmm, i wasnt' sure. When i go into synthesizing, i see "save the king" and "save the queen" as recipes, unlocked from a chest.... do you mean the recipe for them?
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    Xaldin Help

    AHHH! i'm stuck too... I've tried leveling up Master form, but i still end up getting killed, and mickey's getting crushed- Xaldin has too long of a reach. What is the best way to guard his regular attacks?
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    What Level are you on?

    meh, i'm level 18, in Olympus Coliseum, but i'm training a lot.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    hmm. I just got it last night, and right now i'm in Olympus Coliseum, pwning hades with auron... i haven't had much time to play it.
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    I need a hug....

    wow Kiento... *hugs* that's MAJORLY got to stink. i feel for ya. Maybe you could play it on one of your friends' PS2s? if not, then, wow, sorry!
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    Kh2 Fans

    dude, don't advertise. that's just pointless, and will most likely get you banninated!
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    for those who bought the special guide, who got what cover

    lol Door2Darkness, can i have one!? lol, jk well, i'm hoping to get mine in the mail, course knowing walmart, it may never come.... -_-
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    hmm... i'm going to a wal-mart, and i'm hoping i'm going to be in the same situation- all my friends are into FPS, not RPGs, so i'm hoping i'm in the same position as Evil-Riku!
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    What about Tomorrow?

    Well, I don't have it yet, sadly, i'm hoping to get it tomorrow, but when i have it, i'll probably play it a bunch, and i won't be on here as much. thing is, though, if i get stuck, this is the first place i'll go...
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    KH2 INTRO Hi Quality FMV English!!!

    GRRR... time moves so slow. I want to play it! NOW! and not to mention, see the actual opening FMV directly from the game.
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    KH2 Commercial on Cartoon Network

    yeah, i didn't see it on MTV or Comedy Central, or disney. I must've just been really lucky. But, if you cant see it just go to Youtube. I still think it's better on TV, though
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    KH2 INTRO Hi Quality FMV English!!!

    Yep, i expected them to make it taht much harder. I'm not sure if you can drive, either. People aren't srure if you fight with Donald and Goofy, or by yourself so you could potentially not even be able to drive- WOW that would be hard.
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    KH2 INTRO Hi Quality FMV English!!!

    i'm really excited to fight sephy, i just know the first time i fight him, i'll get PWND. i just need to play him a bunch, and figure out his moves, then i have a good shot at beating him.
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    Stop whining

    honestly, none of us should take anyone's word for it. Form your own opinions about it, and play it yourself. Don't just accept what someone else says, that's THEIR opinion, not yours.