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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    ill admit that one of the kinghts does look like roxas, but probably just coinsidence. most of here should know it isnt roxas since its already been stated that all three knights are new characters. anyway after wacthing the Birth By Sleep ending a few times i get the feeling that the character...
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    Soul Society Club

    a club tribute to bleach and those who passed on to the afterlife.
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    just how can they fit more stuff in. didnt they say that it was hard enough to fit the current kh2 on a single dvd. now theres new stuff. cant wait.
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    New additions to FM and COM?

    i'm surprised there's a final mix considering i read somewhere that square had a hard time fitting KH2 in a dvd because it had a lot of data. now square's adding more. i am mainly looking forward for more roxas and namine scenes plus the riku and roxas battles.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    well it wouldnt be too hard to get a new voicover for sora if sqaure decides to do an english version and if Osmand cant do it. Just look at Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Just how many people have done their voices since Walt Disney created them years ago?
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    it will be kinda hard to do some of the english voicevers for Re:Chain of memories since some of the original voice actors have aged. Haley Joel Osmend has a deeper voice now, so there's no way he could do Sora again.
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    Finished Proud Mode and.....NO SECRET VID!! WTF!!

    winnie the pooh and atalantica are the optional worlds u have to complete i think to get it, complete these and all the others and there u go on proud mode.
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    Special song downloadable~

    finally i get to download this song. i loved the amv.
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    Naruto English Uncensored

    hey, quess what? i just saw the uncensored english version of Naruto on DVD. they got the original theme songs on them, and included the blood in them. downside: english voice acting still suckes (in my opinion since i watch fansubbed version) and when i compaed it to the fansubb version some of...
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    Sanctuary Remix Part II!

    honeslty i didnt like it. it sucked so bad i was laughing.
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    id rather use Fenrir since i nver use magic. the only maqic i atually use is curaga. what u could do is use both in final form, im practivly beating up enemies in like 2 seconds.
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    Kairi in KH2 is freakin hawt!

    Thats what i was thinking, virtual reality crap like the Matrix. no more tvs, u will be in it instead. oh and about kairi, just imagine howd she would look like in the next kingdom hearts game. she changed so much between kh1 and kh2. in the next one shed be like...........:eek:
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    Where wre you when you first drove into Anti Form

    cant remember, i know it was during a boss battle and i beat the boss while in anti form.
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    Land of Dragons Animation "glitch"

    yea, but how can a village be restored so fast? then again its jsut a game.
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    was KH2 worth it?

    easy, even on proud mode, and it was shorter than i thought it would be. the only thing i liked was the moain story line, some of the graphics and cut scences and playing as roxas.
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    Do you play kh2 as you used to do whaen you bought it?

    now that ive started over im taking a slow pace this time so i can enjoy it more, and this time im going to purposly do stuff that i didnt do in the first time like what if i lose a battle in certain parts of the game like when u play in the striggle tournement?
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    Kairi, Naminie and Fujin!
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    Kairi Is How Much Old?

    either way they look older than their actual age. mainly kairi and riku, they look way diffrent since the first game.
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    what?????[little spoilers]

    Fenrir is technically the stongest since it has the highest attack. if ur interested in magic then ulitma has the strongest magic.
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    What should have been added in Kh2?

    more sidequests and bosses, and i wanted to see at least one, evem if its just one, a final fantasy world instead of a disney one. some of the disney worlds were pointless.