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    BbS Ultimania "Plot Mysteries" Nomura interview

    Okay, I think I've got an explanation ^^! Xemnas's choice not to use the Keyblade makes sense in a way if you look at all of his speeches about the power of Nothingness and the void. As "Superior of the In-Between", Xemnas is obviously of the opinion that Nothingness is the superior force...
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    It kinda depends on personal experiences... but if you mean plot-wise, Xemnas is supposed to be the most powerful. As for gameplay, I honestly thought Xaldin was hardest to beat.
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    [Possible] new emblem from JF '08 scan

    If you ask me (not that anyone did), it looks like a cross between an 'X' and a messed-up 'M'... perhaps these creatures are something of Master Xehanort's design?
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    Something about Roxas

    I think this should go in this section, since it has to do with 358/2 Days. We know that in this upcoming game, Roxas will interact with at least some Disney characters (since one screenshot... scan... thing... shows him with Genie). Now here's the thing that's been bugging me. King Mickey...
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    New 358/2 Days info

    Exactly... this game isn't like Chain of Memories, Roxas is going to the real worlds... thus, there is no reason the Pride Lands couldn't be in it. Even though it probably wouldn't happen, Space Paranoids would be cool.
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    I have this idea.... oh and a noobish question

    Well, it wouldn't make sense if all of their member's names were an anagram of their original names with an 'X' added in except for Axel. If his name already had an 'X' in it, then the Organization would consider it a coincidence, and it wouldn't count as a "mark of their brotherhood"... they...
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    I have this idea.... oh and a noobish question

    I think X_Marluxia_X was wondering why Roxas had no memories of being in the Organization while he was in the virtual Twilight Town, not why he didn't remember being Sora. It was either Namine, or DiZ... we can't tell which one (although Namine seems much more likely).
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    Why Roxas Wields Kingdom Key, Oblivion and Oathkeeper!

    You must have that backwards. It's like Cid says, Sora came before Roxas... it's not like Roxas was an entity already existing inside Sora... because he wasn't. Roxas can use the Keyblade because he's the Nobody of Sora, the Keyblade Master (or the one who's most publicized as the Keyblade...
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    Why Roxas Wields Kingdom Key, Oblivion and Oathkeeper!

    Well, it's been confirmed that Oathkeeper and Oblivion represent his memories of Kairi and Riku. And as for Kingdom Key... that's the default Keyblade and it might be the one that Sora canonically uses. Just watch, if they ever make an anime (or some other kind of show) out of Kingdom Hearts...
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    358/2 Days

    Personally, I'd like to think that Sora only uses the Kingdom Key (except in Drive Forms), and that each Keyblade has its own wielder... somewhere out there. But as for the 1000 Heartless battle, I've always seen the Kingdom Key... but then again, I like to play through with just the Kingdom Key...
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    COM Battle System

    Well, it would be one thing if they had even EXPLAINED why everything in Castle Oblivion is determined by cards. I mean, where do they get CARDS from MEMORIES? It made no sense to just randomly pull the cards out of nowhere. Why, I'll bet that if Castle Oblivion makes an appearance in a future...
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    COM Battle System

    Personally... I utterly despised it. I find that there is no strategy except for when to run or jump... other than that, the only "strategy" you need is to use cards with a high value, or zero. Add in the fact that the Heartless don't seem to have to reload, and other enemies can reload in the...
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    Various Questions...

    Since Roxas and Namine are probably more existent than other Nobodies, it seems likely that they would have more human functions. As for other Nobodies, like Xemnas, they are truly nonexistent, and thus it wouldn't be logical for them to age. As for more than one Nobody, that would only be...
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    Well, since it's been said that gameplay in 358/2 Days doesn't start until after Roxas joins the Organization, and it's also said that he doesn't join until after Chain of Memories, I doubt they wanted Sora to fight Roxas. They probably already knew about Roxas's existence (since Axel knew that...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    Honestly speaking, this is the game that I want the most, but I'm not getting for two reasons; 1) I don't have a PSP 2) I don't WANT a PSP... it's like I just said in the coded discussion topic, if I go get ANOTHER portable system just for this Kingdom Hearts game, I'll be doing just what Square...
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    Ansem the Wise

    Ansem the Wise had six apprentices; Xehanort, Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo. After Ansem himself cesed his research on the darkness and so forth, Xehanort took Ansem's name and, along with the other five apprentices, continued the research. Through doing this, Xehanort became a...
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    Marluxia's Element

    Alright, so my point about his title does nothing to prove my point. However, your reasoning for not using death (though I'm POSITIVE that it's NOT his element) to overthrow the Organization doesn't explain certain things... why, when Axel ruined his plan to take over, did he get mad? For him...
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    Nah, it's not murder. Here's why. The Heartless are creatures of instinct, formed from the darkness in people's hearts. Goofy more or less defined the problem in KH2 when Sora expressed doubts about using the Keyblade... while I can't remember the exact words, it was something about how Sora...
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    Marluxia's Element

    I have to throw in my two cents here... if his element was DEATH, he wouldn't need to FIGHT anyone. He'd just have to snap his fingers and BOOM... all his enemies are DEAD. He wouldn't have needed Sora to overthrow the Organization, because he'd be able to kill them HIMSELF. Thus... his element...
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    Chain of memories???

    I don't remember him saying that he didn't know about the cards... just that he didn't remember Sora, Donald, or Goofy, and that he didn't know about Castle Oblivion.