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    Classic Disney Fanclub

    It needs love too. So this is for the GOOD Disney movies. Like Beauty and The Beast, Mulan, Pocahontas, Lion King, Tarzan, ect. Ranting of any Disney Channel crap will probably reside here. I might assign some members the fun of finding random stuff on classic movies. Accepted movie list-...
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    Worst world in the game

    Wonderland Can't fight anything without running into a damn flower.
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    Axel and his woman Advice

    Bah, you're making it harder to wait to get this game. I'll probably lol like the rest of you when i see these conversations.
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    Help/Support ► So What if I'm a Little Crazy?

    Well if she's able to get on KHI and be normal by our standards, she must be a little out of her mind. XD But crazy is a good thing..in some cases.
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    Help/Support ► So What if I'm a Little Crazy?

    That's fucked up beyond reason. Shouldn't it be your sister in therapy, not you?
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    Help/Support ► Medical Expert Help?

    You might be dehydrated. Did you eat something weird that you might have gotten sick from?
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    UGH! Why Namine!?! WhY!?!

    Agreed. For a while i thought she had just woken up or something. I wanted to yell at her to get some coffee and to stop boring me to death.
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    Help/Support ► Time To Drop My Friends?

    Wait and see if they stop or apologize. if not, drop em
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    What happened to Ven

    is Sora like the heart bank or something? A storage container perhaps. It's getting kinda annoying. I hope Nomura(sp?) doesn't choose that way of relating sora/roxas/venn
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    What happened to Ven

    oh rly? can i have some proof because i havent looked at news in like....months. (i still think he got eaten)
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    Help/Support ► Facebook

    My MOM has a Facebook o_O Anyway, if you REALLY like this girl, start talking to her. Get to know each other more, and maybe you could meet up sometime once she knows you're not a stalker/rapist.
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    I'll call him after school lets out. I wish I knew the days he had band practice, at least then he wouldn't be around anyone who he'd relay the news that he has a not-so-good-looking 7th grader crushing on him.
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    I know, I know. I'm a big chicken. I probably would of talked to him today at martial arts or on the bus, but i'm at home, sick. thank you.
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    nothing important. I might have a friend call and ask if he likes me, and if he does I'll tell him.
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    Trick Master help

    fire? uh no I finally beat him, but just barely. I always raise my card power instead of health, which was probably the reason he kept kicking my ass.
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    Trick Master help

    I'm level 29..i think. What should I be to kill him (standard mode) My health isn't that high and I don't have the attention span to level up.
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    gay gay i guess lol :lol: yes it was glad to know im not the only one almost bit my friends head off the other day at the concert for his band she wouldn't shut up about how he was going to dedicate a song to me; which he didnt
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    His band's concert is tomorrow I MUST GO!
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    I think I'll tell him at the dance yes :lol: I wanted to be sure people were listening. It got like a letter/text/note from him and it said: Do you like me? And do you know I'm gay? I woke up and was like WTF?!
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    Help/Support ► Now I need help

    I had the freakiest dream last night and he was in it. Ok not really freaky just...odd